Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 738: Hired a group of five

Chapter 738: Hired a group of five

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Brick-moving foreigner: "Hello, who is this? Do you need someone to move bricks?"

Ye Wanwan: "..." Move bricks?

"This is Famous Ye." Ye Wanwan pinched her brows. This is so weird.

"Oh... boss Ye, have you changed professions? Do you need me to move bricks for you?" The brick-moving foreigner sounded a little urgent.

"Nnn-no, I wanted to ask if this is really your phone number..." Ye Wanwan sighed - she was trying to contact that young devotee.

"Oh, this isn't my phone." The brick-moving foreigner shouted, "Godly Rod, you have a call!"

"Your m*ther! What are you doing with my phone?! What if I can't find my phone and a client wants me to read his or her fortune! Losing one client is equivalent to one month's pay of brick moving for you - can you afford that, huh?!"

"Hello, this is the humble devotee. Feng shui or fortune-telling? Are you dropping in or would you like me to head over? There is an extra charge if you want me to head over." The devotee took the phone away and blurted out a fluent string of words.

Ye Wanwan was somewhat speechless but still managed to compose herself. "Neither fortune-telling nor feng shui."

The humble devotee: "Are you nuts? Why did you call me then?"

Ye Wanwan let out a deep sigh in her heart and replied, "I am Famous Ye."

"Oh, so it's Sis Famous!" The devotee changed his tone instantly. "Boss Ye, what can I do for you?"

The devotee was taken care of by Famous Ye during the filming before and earned a hundred bucks by simply playing dead - it was quick and easy money.

So seeing that she was calling him again, he thought there'd be some business to do.

Ye Wanwan laughed. "Is everyone there?"

"Yes yes yes! Boss Ye, don't worry; even if we're not together, we'll get together just for you. This time, even our captain is free. Tell us, what do you need us to act as? There will still be meals provided this time, right?"

"En..." Ye Wanwan thought for a moment before speaking. "There is indeed a job and it's great that all of you are together, but it requires you guys to go abroad."

"Abroad?" The devotee was stunned then he shouted, "Boss Ye has a job for us and we have to go abroad - do we take it or not?"

After hearing a bunch of noises through the phone, the devotee answered, "Boss Ye, which country is it? Is your filming crew going away to film a scenic shot?"

"Sort of... Myanmar's H city. Please check if all of you are able to come over," Ye Wanwan said.

"Going to Myanmar... Captain - do we go or not?!"

After some time, the devotee said, "Boss Ye, it's like this. Although we're willing to accept your job, we don't have the money to take a plane. It's about $3,000 for a return trip and with five of us, it will cost up to $15,000..."

"I will reimburse you," Ye Wanwan replied.

"We don't have money to take a plane at all... it's not a matter of reimbursement. How about this, you transfer $15,000 over first... Miss Ye, don't worry, we've known each other for some time already. We won't lie to you." The devotee slapped his chest and promised her.

Ye Wanwan was very straightforward. She took down the devotee's bank account number and transferred the flight money over.

"Wait... boss Ye, we need to charge more for this trip. Aside from the reimbursement of the plane tickets, you have to pay for our meals and lodging. Also, we require at least $1,000 per person. Otherwise, we won't be going." The devotee sounded very confident and self-righteous.

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched. "..."

He actually requested a higher fee when I've already transferred the money for the flight, so I don't really have a choice, right...

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