Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 736: Mistress of the household

Chapter 736: Mistress of the household

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However, before Eleven and the others could speak, Ma Bing returned once again.

The second Ma Bing stepped into the hotel room, he saw the ground littered with little boys who were beaten up and his face darkened. He then raised his head and his face turned gloomier as he looked at the middle-aged couple who were gloating and feeling victorious.

"Zhou Can, my boy, you're remarkable - such a big troop you got there." Ma Bing turned to the middle-aged man and sneered.

When the middle-aged couple saw Ma Bing, they were taken aback. The triumphant looks on their faces immediately disappeared into thin air.

This Ma Bing possessed great power in H city and was even a buddy of their boss, Xu Yi.

But why's this Ma Bing showing up here?

Could it be that Ma Bing had some connection with these people...

"Oh, Zhou-ge!" The middle-aged man didn't have time to think as he smiled and quickly stepped forward, taking out a cigarette from his pocket.

"Haha." Ma Bing sneered as he watched the middle-aged man bringing the cigarette over and he shook his head sarcastically. "Unacceptable, unacceptable. Old pal, your reputation is too high now. I wouldn't dare to accept your cigarette."

"Ma-ge... what are you talking about... is there some misunderstanding here...? Do you know these people?" Seeing how Ma Bing was acting, the middle-aged man knew something was wrong. Although he didn't have much interactions with Ma Bing in the past, he met him a few times before and Ma Bing never treated him with such attitude.

"Aren't you working for Xu Yi? Then... don't you know who this lady is?" Ma Bing scoffed.

"Ah... this is..." The middle-aged man's heart thumped violently. He stared straight at Ye Wanwan with a hint of doubt and anxiety.

"Old pal Zhou, you should know what sort of guy your boss Xu Yi is, right?" Ma Bing gave the middle-aged man side-eye.

"I do... I do... boss Xu is someone from the Si family in country Z - how could I not know..." the middle-aged man replied carefully.

"Since you know this, what on earth are you doing now?" Ma Bing sneered then looked at Ye Wanwan and said to the middle-aged man, "This lady before you is the Si family's... mistress of the household..."

"WHAT?" The middle-aged man was flabbergasted and stood rooted to the ground.

After he returned to his senses, he stared at the indifferent and cold Ye Wanwan before him and his eyes constricted instantly.

What did Ma Bing just say...

This woman is the... Si family's... mistress of the household?!

At this moment, the middle-aged man went completely blank. He felt like the world was spinning around him and his body went limp as he stumbled to the ground.


If what Ma Bing said was true and this woman was really the mistress of the household, then those people there were... the Si family's Dark Team guards...

No wonder each one of them was so skilled and dozens of their gangsters were beaten to the ground within seconds without a chance of retaliating at all.

All the middle-aged man felt was his cold sweat becoming colder against his skin. He couldn't figure out why the mistress of the Si family would come to Myanmar's H city and he didn't receive any calls from Xu Yi beforehand...

Furthermore, as the mistress of the household, even if she really came to Myanmar, she should've chartered a flight...

Why would she be on the same plane as us?!

"What mistress of the Si family? Ma Bing, why should we believe what you said?!" the middle-aged woman shrieked.

"Damn it!" Ma Bing glared at her sternly and gave her a tight slap on the face immediately.

This slap sent the middle-aged woman rolling on the ground.

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