Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 735: A surprising outcome

Chapter 735: A surprising outcome

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"Hit her to death!" The middle-aged man was the first one to regain his senses and he yelled immediately.

Hearing that command, dozens of youth charged forward and surrounded Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan looked coldly at the people around her without any fluctuations in her gaze.

"KILL HER!" the middle-aged woman covered her swollen cheek and screamed.

This woman actually dared to hit me!

At that moment, those devils and monsters tried to charge towards Ye Wanwan.

However, before they could lay their hands on her, dozens of figures suddenly charged into the room.

Eleven, Feng Xuan Yi and over ten Dark Team guards rushed into the room and looked at the people surrounding Ye Wanwan.

Eleven's face turned gloomy. His room was right next to Ye Wanwan's and when he heard a commotion earlier, he felt something wasn't right, so he brought his men and rushed over instantly. However, he didn't expect that... it would be that atrocious couple from the plane with an entourage this time.


The middle-aged man saw the people who rushed into the room and was completely fearless. Instead, he chuckled, "Courting death? I think all of you garbage are the ones courting death - this is Myanmar's H city! It's my territory! Who do you think you are?! If you're a dragon, you have to bow down to me; if you're a tiger, you have to lie down for me!"

The young men brought over by the middle-aged man looked at Eleven and the others and scoffed at them.

This group of foolish foreigners still had no idea who this middle-aged man was - he was said to be the spy that housekeeper Xu Yi from the Si family in country Z planted in Myanmar H city; he held quite a bit of power in H city.

This group of foreigners was really unlucky. Of all people, they chose to provoke this middle-aged man. Weren't they the ones courting death, huh?

Eleven narrowed his eyes. He looked at the arrogant middle-aged man and his expression darkened.


Eleven disregarded everything as he brought the Dark Team guards forward and charged towards the other group.

These Dark Team guards underwent training while those young gangsters were merely a mob. They were completely unable to hold back the Dark Team guards at all.

Before half a minute was up, those young gangsters were all on the ground and howling in agony; there was no way they still had the slightest bit of arrogance now.

Seeing the dozens of people knocked down in the blink of an eye, the joyful smiles on the middle-aged couple's faces immediately froze and cracked.

"They're all trained?"

The middle-aged man was in a daze. Each one of their enemies was highly skilled while they brought a bunch of young gangsters. They were completely pressed to the ground with a finger and weren't able to fight back at all, much less rebel...

At that moment, the middle-aged woman screamed at them with her high-pitched voice. "You guys are blind! We belong to the Si family from country Z. Come and touch us if you dare!"

The moment that woman's voice resounded...

Eleven and the others were flabbergasted.

Country Z...

Si family?!

The middle-aged woman thought the Si family's name had subdued Eleven and the others. She immediately raised her chin towards the middle-aged man delightfully.

The middle-aged man recovered the arrogance he had before and sneered at Eleven, "I don't care who you guys are. As long as you've offended me, there will be no good fortune for any of you!"

However, Eleven and the others looked at this couple with an even more bizarre expression.

Ye Wanwan was also surprised by the name the other party announced.

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