Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 734: How dare you hit me?

Chapter 734: How dare you hit me?

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Ma Bing slapped his thigh immediately and said, "The huge rock that weighed 300 catties and cost more than 100 million... was completely empty - not a single piece of jade was inside. That rich merchant leaped off from the roof of a 30-story building that very day. That fall was... ay..."

Ye Wanwan felt very helpless about this as well. This was the case with gambling on precious stones - even if one had an exceedingly specialized strategy, they couldn't determine whether profits would be made. Of course, that was a good thing for ordinary folks.

In H city, there were many similar cases to that rich merchant.

In her previous life, how much preparation did Qin Ruo Xi do?

Alas, Qin Ruo Xi still returned home with nothing. If it wasn't for the strong capital the Si family had, this massive loss would've caused utter despair and death if it happened to other rich businessmen.

Ma Bing kept talking to Ye Wanwan about the events happening in H city and led them to the best hotel in the city. After ensuring that everything was settled, Ma Bing left.

Ye Wanwan let Feng Xuan Yi, Eleven and the others rest for a day.

When Ye Wanwan entered her hotel room, she unpacked her luggage and stood at the floor-to-ceiling window. She had some thoughts running in her mind as she looked at the heavy traffic beneath the tall building.

In Myanmar's H city, aside from being relatively more developed in the jade trade, it was also much more chaotic.

The northern part of Myanmar's H city was considered a sensitive area with quite a number of militants.

In such a chaotic city, there were great opportunities; it could be described as having gold littered everywhere, but just one slightly careless mistake could cause you to be buried in this foreign land.

With the co-existence of both danger and opportunities, many speculators found it to be a great place.

However, this great place had many skeletons of people with lost fortunes buried inside...


The loud noise pulled Ye Wanwan back to reality abruptly.

In an instant, Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows and turned towards the source of the noise.

The originally strong and big door of the room was now shattered to pieces.


In just a few blinks of the eye, the entire door of the hotel room was smashed open by someone.

The second the door shattered, 34 youths charged into Ye Wanwan's room.

These youths were hooligans. They had knives and clubs in their hands and leading the group was the middle-aged couple from the plane.

"It's this b*tch!" The middle-aged woman yelled and pointed at Ye Wanwan the moment she saw her by the window.

The middle-aged woman then charged forward ferociously. She raised her arm and directly waved it towards Ye Wanwan.


But the moment that woman's arm moved downwards, Ye Wanwan remained calm and gripped that middle-aged woman by her wrist.

The middle-aged woman's slap froze in midair.

"How dare you retaliate?!" The middle-aged woman glared at Ye Wanwan aggressively. "Do you realize your mother (I) will kill you today?!"

Hearing that, a cold light flashed in Ye Wanwan's eyes as she lifted her hand and gave the middle-aged woman a tight slap.

The sound of that slap was crisp and clear as it echoed throughout the suite.

A fresh red mark of five fingers instantly appeared on the middle-aged woman's cheek.

"How dare you hit me?!" The middle-aged woman was stunned by Ye Wanwan's slap, shocked in disbelief.

"With parents like the two of you, it was no wonder you raised a child like this," Ye Wanwan said indifferently.

"You bloody b*tch!" the middle-aged woman bellowed.

Following that, Ye Wanwan gave the middle-aged woman another slap.

Nobody expected that this seemingly frail woman before them would actually be so daring to slap that woman twice. The people who came with the middle-aged woman were somewhat astonished.

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