Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 733: City of gambling on stones

Chapter 733: City of gambling on stones

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Eleven and Xue Li stepped forward to greet the person and seemed quite familiar with him.

After they greeted one another, the guy in the black shirt smiled at Ye Wanwan and spoke very politely, "Good afternoon, Miss Ye... my name is Ma Bing. I am Mr. Xu Yi's friend from Myanmar and I was informed of Miss Ye's visit this time, so Mr. Xu Yi instructed me to pick you up."

Hearing that, Ye Wanwan nodded. Before flying to Myanmar, Xu Yi already informed her about this.

This Ma Bing was very famous in city H. It was said that he worked for both the good and the bad sides and was quite experienced in gambling on precious stones.

Myanmar's H city was known as the city for the gambling on precious stones. The exploding profits from gambling on precious stones had given this city its prosperity and buzz but also caused disorder in the city - security was very disorganized and this city was a place where both dragons and snakes [1] existed.

As the saying went, "The mighty dragon is no match for the native serpent." If they relied on only Eleven, Feng Xuan Yi and the others, it wouldn't be adequate. After all, they weren't familiar with the place, which was why Xu Yi called up Ma Bing beforehand.

This Ma Bing was part of the local mafia bosses, so with him around, it would save them a great deal of inconvenience.

"Hello, Mr. Ma Bing, sorry to trouble you." Ye Wanwan smiled.

"Ay, Miss Ye, don't say that. You're the mistress of the household, so it's my pleasure to be able to service Miss Ye. Furthermore, Xu Yi and I are bosom buddies. If it weren't for Xu Yi that one time, I would've starved to death on the streets of Myanmar!" Ma Bing chuckled.

Ye Wanwan and the others followed Ma Bing and strode out of the airport.

On the way out, Ye Wanwan asked Ma Bing about the situation in H city regarding the appraisal of precious stones. Ma Bing naturally answered her frankly.

Myanmar's H city was known as the city of precious stones but was also the place where the risk of appraising these stones was highest.

It was unlike ordinary gambling on precious stones; in H city, they only gambled on jadeite and the value of jadeite was very high right now. It had a huge international market and with such massive profits, many people came to try their luck.

In addition, the precious stones in H city were also the most valuable in the world - all the precious stones here were judged by their sizes, color, and luster.

Ordinary precious stones in the country were valued at tens of thousands of yuan to thousands of yuan per catty while the better ones from Myanmar's H city could reach up to hundreds of thousands of yuan per catty, so a rock weighing over a hundred catties would cost at least ten million yuan. Once it was revealed to be an empty stone, there would be no return for one's hard-earned savings.

In H city, there were many gamblers of precious stones who became wealthy or bankrupt overnight.

Many of these speculators lost their family fortunes in gambling on precious stones; in order to find out whether the rocks were worth anything, the only way was to crack open the rocks which also meant that the lives and possessions of speculators all depended on it.

"Heh, Miss Ye, this industry of the jade trade - you either get rich overnight or lose your entire life's savings."

Ma Bing took small quick steps and stepped in front of Ye Wanwan. "As a matter of fact, just a few months ago, a company specializing in precious stone excavation from H city excavated a giant rock weighing 300 catties. It was a superb grade with regards to its color, luster, and quality. The value rose to 400,000 yuan a catty, and it was said that it might contain a jade of the highest quality. Not long after, a rich merchant brought along an expert in precious stones to appraise the rock and spent over 100 million to buy that huge rock. Miss Ye, can you guess what the outcome was?"

"What was it?" Ye Wanwan laughed and probed curiously.

Actually, she already heard about this in her previous life when she came to Myanmar.

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