Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 732: An atrocious encounter

Chapter 732: An atrocious encounter

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After being yelled at by Eleven, the little brat was stunned and wasn't apologetic at all. He turned around directly with an aggrieved face and pounced into the middle-aged woman's arms.

"Mommy! He yelled at me!"

"What are you doing?!" Watching her son being bullied, the middle-aged woman didn't care who was in the wrong and stood up immediately. She shoved Eleven's left shoulder. "You're a grown man. How dare you bully a little kid! You son of a b**ch!"

What little kid? This child is over ten years old! How is he a little kid?

"Push me once more and I'll beat you up!" A cold light flashed in Eleven's eyes. Although he didn't ever hit women, this thing in front of him wasn't really considered a woman, right?

If he had known this would happen, he would've chartered a private jet over, but Miss Wanwan was still establishing her place in the company and trying to gain favor, so she couldn't be too particular. Otherwise, it would cause some tongues to wag.

"Hit me?" The middle-aged woman screeched, "All of you big and bulky men actually want to beat up a helpless woman and child? Are you guys shameless or what?! Come on, try hitting me, yeah?"

"What despicable being are you - bullying a woman and a child?!" The middle-aged man who had been silent the whole time suddenly stood up and waved his fist like he was about to punch Eleven.

However, before his fist could reach Eleven, more than ten Dark Team guards on the plane stood up.

With over a dozen big and tall men standing up at once on the confined plane, it was simply eye-grabbing.

In just a moment, the middle-aged man froze and over ten pairs of eyes stared straight at him. It was as if he was sitting on pins and needles - the middle-aged man had his fist frozen in the air and failed to move at all.

Their bickering attracted the attention of a flight attendant immediately.

Seeing that there was a situation on the plane, the flight attendant rushed over and persuaded them to stop gently, putting an end to the fight.

The infuriated and arrogant middle-aged couple didn't expect there would be so many people protecting Ye Wanwan and didn't dare to continue causing a ruckus. They took advantage of the flight attendant's persuasion, extracted themselves from the embarrassing situation and returned to their seats.

"Darn it. We'll deal with these people once we arrive in Myanmar." The middle-aged man sat down but was still burning with rage. He swept his gaze across Ye Wanwan and the others and scoffed, "These ignorant fools. How dare they provoke me! I'll make sure I put all of them to death!"

Eleven couldn't be bothered to quarrel with this atrocious family. After he passed the book over to Ye Wanwan, he got the other guards to sit down. From beginning till end, Xue Li and the group of experts hadn't said a single word and only watched coldly at this farce.

Ye Wanwan took the book and didn't say much about it - nobody really cared about a small episode like this.

The plane finally arrived at their destination in the afternoon that same day.

Myanmar, H city:

Ye Wanwan and the others had just exited the plane when the family of three appeared again.

"There are so many of you but big deal, huh! Just wait and see!"

The middle-aged couple glared sternly at Ye Wanwan then strode off.

Ye Wanwan couldn't be bothered with this low-level family and didn't give a care about them. She picked up her luggage with Eleven and everyone else and walked towards the airport exit.

Before Ye Wanwan and the others walked out of the airport, a man wearing a pair of black shades and black top walked briskly towards them with a card in his hand.

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