Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 729: Great at acting

Chapter 729: Great at acting

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Actually, she couldn't really blame Si Ye Han for being so paranoid about her.

In her previous life, Si Ye Han tried many times to pave a way for her, but she messed up each chance.

However, this time, she would not make the same mistakes...

The next day, in the Si Corporation conference room:

Si Ye Han sat on the main seat in the middle. On his left was Ye Wanwan, dressed in a champagne-colored professional outfit.

Si Ye Han held her hand and guided her for so long. This was the first time he officially brought her into the company as his personal assistant.

She was in a position where she could intervene with the affairs of any department, familiarize herself with the company in the shortest time and build her network.

"Good morning, everyone. Please give me your guidance in the days to come!" Ye Wanwan stood up gracefully and gave a simple greeting.

As Si Ye Han was sitting right there, it didn't matter what those people were thinking; there were warm and welcoming smiles on everybody's faces and of course, Qin Ruo Xi was the first who stood up and applauded.

"As chairman Si's health is not suitable for long-distance travel, I will be going on the Myanmar trip on his behalf," Ye Wanwan said.

At first, Qin Ruo Xi was confirmed as the one going on this trip, but her role was snatched away by Ye Wanwan.

Qin Ruo Xi acted like she didn't hold the slightest grudge and said calmly, "For the procurement of jade on this trip, I have prepared quite a bit and done some market research as well. Assistant Ye, if there is anything you are unclear about, you can approach me for assistance anytime."

What she said was simply reminding everybody that Ye Wanwan was taking credit for her work.

Qin Ruo Xi obviously acting, so Ye Wanwan played along. Ye Wanwan pretended like she didn't sense anything and said innocently, "Haha, thank you, director Qin. I won't act overly polite then!"

The higher-ups who supported Qin Ruo Xi almost couldn't contain their anger anymore seeing how arrogant Ye Wanwan was, but just one look from Si Ye Han made all of them shake like quails - they didn't dare to even let out a fart and could only shake their heads in unison.

Ye Wanwan looked coldly at them from the sidelines and suddenly felt that it was quite challenging to be in the position of these higher-ups - not only did they have to be professional in their work, but they also needed to be great at acting.

Si Ye Han: "Meeting adjourned. Assistant Ye, come to my office."

"Yes!" Ye Wanwan put on a bitter face and followed behind the cold and rigid figure.

Ay, he's definitely going to nag at me again.

Why does he have to worry so much?

He already nagged at me the entire night yesterday, but he's still not giving me a break now...


During the meeting just now, nobody dared to say a word, but once they were dismissed, everything they wanted to say came out.

"Director Qin was simply forced aside just like that by that vixen?"

"Just look at the way she acts - any man would fall for it, including our BOSS!"

"Even if BOSS likes her, he didn't have to be so biased, right? Director Qin was supposed to be the one going on the Myanmar trip, but the vixen just came in and snatched someone's job away!"

"Director Qin grew up with BOSS, so obviously Ye Wanwan would want to oppose her!"

"Tsk tsk..."


Late at night, Qin Residence:

In the yard, there was a low vintage coffee table and a cushion next to it.

Qin Ruo Xi was kneeling on the cushion making some tea.

Seeing how unmoving Qin Ruo Xi was, a certain someone couldn't contain his anger.

"Miss Ruo Xi, that woman is stretching her arm longer and longer; she even started to meddle with the company's affairs now and snatched the job from your hands on purpose - this is too much!"

Yuan Sheng's face darkened. "Miss Ruo Xi, I've already checked that the woman doesn't know a thing about precious stones, yet she dared to boast and volunteered for the job shamelessly. We have to play some tricks to cause her to mess things up. When the time comes..."

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