Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 730: You'll be satisfied for sure

Chapter 730: You'll be satisfied for sure

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Qin Ruo Xi looked at him plainly and ordered him, "You're not allowed to do anything."

Yuan Sheng panicked when he heard her. "She's already bullying you and pushing you to your limit - are you just going to continue taking it?"

Watching Eleven and Feng Xuan Yi benefiting by following Ye Wanwan and seeing Qin Ruo Xi's interests getting affected as a result, he was obviously in a panic.

Before Qin Ruo Xi could say anything, Xue Li, who was next to them, had a look of disdain and exclaimed, "Hng, stupid! Miss Ruo Xi already prepared a lot for the procurement of jade in Myanmar this time. Even if that woman successfully clinches the deal, credit should go to Miss Ruo Xi - what will it have to do with her?! The people in the company aren't fools; shouldn't they know better?"

When Yuan Sheng heard that, his expression turned much gentler and he mumbled, "That makes sense. This woman took credit for Miss Ruo Xi's efforts; it'll only make others dislike her more!"

A hint of light flashed in Xue Li's eyes, "When the time comes, we can simply use this incident to make her lose all favor with everyone!"

Qin Ruo Xi took a sip of tea before she said, "You're going to accompany her for this trip. You know what to do, right?"

Xue Li replied swiftly, "Miss Ruo Xi, don't worry. You'll be satisfied for sure!"


In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the trip.

At the enormous airport, Ye Wanwan, Feng Xuan Yi and a group of people were waiting for their flight.

For this Myanmar trip, aside from Xue Li and the group of jade experts, Feng Xuan Yi, Eleven and over ten members from the Dark Team were going as well.

As the schedule for this trip was quite rushed and scheduled at the last minute, Ye Wanwan and the others didn't have time to charter a flight.

After waiting for about half an hour, Ye Wanwan and the others boarded the plane bound for Myanmar.

Aside from Ye Wanwan and her entourage, there was also a middle-aged couple and a little boy around the age of eleven or twelve on board.

It would take about five hours to travel from Imperial City to Myanmar.

After Ye Wanwan took a seat on the plane, she looked out the window as the engines roared and the plane took off. All she saw was the vast sky as lethargy slowly overwhelmed her. She shut her eyes and in that moment of darkness, memories from her previous life surfaced in her head.

In her previous life, Si Ye Han didn't go on this Myanmar trip due to his weakening body as well. Instead, Qin Ruo Xi went on his behalf.

Qin Ruo Xi was very well-versed in the investment of precious stones. Plus, she went to Myanmar on Si Ye Han's behalf to invest in precious stones, so in her previous life, Qin Ruo Xi did a lot of research on the market prices of precious stones in Myanmar before she set off.

It could be said that before Qin Ruo Xi set off on the Myanmar trip, she was filled with confidence but nobody expected that...

There were some fluctuations in the precious stone market in Myanmar and although Qin Ruo Xi made ample preparations, she still ended up with losses.

Ye Wanwan couldn't really recall the specific details of what happened.

In her previous life, even though she followed Qin Ruo Xi and the others to Myanmar, they didn't allow her to meddle with the precious stone investments at all. On most days, they only let her follow them around and never allowed her to participate in any important company issues.

One could say that...

When Ye Wanwan went to Myanmar in her previous life, she was just a useless decoration; Qin Ruo Xi and the others didn't care about her presence at all.

Although that was the case...

Ye Wanwan followed them around the whole trip, so as far as this present trip was concerned, she felt quite calm and confident about it.

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