Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 728: You were all I saw

Chapter 728: You were all I saw

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Si Ye Han opened his eyes.

"You're not allowed to open your eyes! I'm still mad!" Ye Wanwan immediately yelled.

Actually... although Ye Wanwan was just being paranoid, she still felt somewhat uncomfortable when she thought about what Si Ye Han might have seen.

Si Ye Han closed his eyes once again and said expressionlessly, "Put those dirty thoughts away, I didn't see anything."

Ye Wanwan pouted. "LIAR! You obviously saw it!"

If he didn't see anything, why did he look so terrifying just now?

He's obviously lying while looking straight at me!

Oh, wrong, his eyes are shut...

The way Si Ye Han stood there with his eyes shut really caused her to be lost in wild thoughts...

Ye Wanwan was entertaining the ridiculous thoughts in her head. After some time, Si Ye Han suddenly spoke up. "I didn't - you were all I saw."

Actually, he should be the mad one since he saw a woman at Ye Wanwan's house in this manner at this hour.

In the end, this girl turned the tables and accused him first. Also, that nervous little face immediately made all his anger dissipate.

This was the very first time she was jealous.

Even when he knew this might be her tactic of getting out of trouble and he wasn't sure if she was just pretending to be angry, his heart couldn't help but feel moved by her...

Hearing that, Ye Wanwan was shocked.

Whoa whoa, you actually used some words of endearment?

I can't see anybody else except you?

What an... accomplishment...

Alright then, since it's the first time Si Ye Han said something so direct and sweet, I'll give him some face.

Ye Wanwan was about to act gracious and forgiving but in the next second, she saw Si Ye Han opening his eyes. His cold and threatening gaze landed on her face. "So, explain."

Ye Wanwan looked at the great devil who had suddenly turned hostile and started his interrogation. "Uh..."

Really... I can only be moved for less than a second.

Ye Wanwan didn't dare to move at all as she stood there, struggling. "Baby, you won't get jealous even with women, right?"

Si Ye Han's expression already gave the answer to her question: There's nothing he wouldn't be jealous of.

Ye Wanwan tried to reason things out with him. "You can't blame me for this. I swear I've already rejected her today and I don't know why she changed tactics all of a sudden. Anyway, I don't have that function - what can I do with her even if she seduced me?"

"Also, because you were rude and didn't know, you saw another woman's body - I'm mad about this so we're even, okay?"

Hearing Ye Wanwan saying that she was also mad, Si Ye Han's face turned gentler.

Sweeping his eyes across the scattered documents all over the living room, he asked, "We'll be setting off the day after tomorrow. Are you ready?"

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly. "Uh, more or less!"

Si Ye Han took a seat on the sofa then picked up a technical book. "Finished reading?"

He looked as if he wanted to cram everything into her head.

Ye Wanwan gave a look of pain and anguish. "Uh, not yet. I've been reading these things every single day and my head is about to explode soon. I only want to look at you right now!"

Alas, that didn't work on Si Ye Han at all. He said, "Come here."

Ye Wanwan hurriedly promised him: "Darling, don't worry. Since I dared to snatch this task away from Qin Ruo Xi, I won't let you down! I'll make sure I'll do a perfect job!"

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