Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 727: Please keep your clothes on!

Chapter 727: Please keep your clothes on!

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Shen Man Zhu nodded continuously. "I know, I know. Everyone in the industry knows you wouldn't get involved with an artist under your care. Ye-ge, don't get me wrong - I don't mean it that way. I don't need you to give me any resources or whatsoever, and I also don't want you to break any unspoken rules for me. I'm very innocent, very pure..."

Although Shen Man Zhu didn't say it out loud, Ye Wanwan understood what she meant.

She didn't want to play with the unspoken rules and merely wanted to have sex with him...

Very pure indeed...

After saying her piece, Shen Man Zhu took a deep breath and stood up slowly. Then she placed her hands on the sash of her coat. "Director Ye..."

When Ye Wanwan saw this, she furrowed her brows and suddenly had a bad... feeling...

All she saw in the next second was Shen Man Zhu pulling her sash and opening her coat.

Shen Man Zhu wasn't wearing anything inside, just very sexy... provocative lingerie...

Ye Wanwan: "..."

It was as if Ye Wanwan had a tsunami in her brain all of a sudden.

Damn! Aren't you a bit too forward, huh?

She was so reserved in the day but at night, she suddenly transformed. Why is she so bold and unrestrained all of a sudden?

What happened exactly?

Despite how calm and collected Ye Wanwan was, she was completely flabbergasted and began coughing violently.

Just as Ye Wanwan's brain was buzzing from the shock, there was a click at the door——

At the front door, there was the sound of the door unlocking then came a pair of familiar footsteps.

Sh*t! I'm dead!!!

There was only one person who would come over at this hour who had keys to her apartment...

When Ye Wanwan finally regained her senses, it was too late.

Si Ye Han had already made his way in and seen the situation in the living room.

Ye Wanwan: "..."

But the second Si Ye Han saw the scene, his eyes constricted instantly and his face turned ugly...

And Ye Wanwan picked up the blanket next to her and threw it over Shen Man Zhu at the fastest speed in her life. After that, she charged towards Si Ye Han like an arrow and covered his eyes with her hands. "CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!"

"Ah——" At this moment, Shen Man Zhu realized someone had entered the house and she screamed in terror.

The living room was in complete chaos...

Bloody h*ll, what's going on here?!

Ye Wanwan was tense. She stared at Si Ye Han and didn't allow him to open his eyes while speaking to Shen Man Zhu. "Man Zhu, put your clothes on properly and leave right now. This is my friend and he won't say a word about this."

Shen Man Zhu was shy and embarrassed at the same time but still remembered Gong Xu's advice. "Director Ye... I... I really like you..."

Hey, please stop talking, I'm begging you...

Fortunately, Shen Man Zhu was apprehensive since there was someone else in the room and didn't speak anymore. She got dressed and left swiftly.

Shen Man Zhu finally left...

Ye Wanwan almost collapsed. There were layers of cold sweat on her back.

A few seconds later, Ye Wanwan lifted her eyes and saw Si Ye Han still standing near the door with his eyes tightly shut.

When Ye Wanwan thought about what Si Ye Han might've seen just now, she wasn't even afraid of him anymore but was furious instead.

Hence, she stomped towards him. "SI YE HAN! How could you simply have come in without knocking?! Even if you have the keys, you should at least knock first! You saw it, didn't you? You must've seen it! How much did you see? Ugh, I'm so mad..."

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