Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 724: Hubby, look here

Chapter 724: Hubby, look here

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Ye Wanwan thought long and hard about her rejection speech and finally said, "Man Zhu, you're a great girl..."

Shen Man Zhu felt worse. "Don't give me that cr*p!"

Ye Wanwan: "Uh..."

At this current moment, the entrance of Dazzling Media was surrounded by fans.

A seven-seater car stopped at the entrance and a youth in a black western suit stepped out of the car.

Luo Chen had always been fond of dressing himself up in campus-style clothes and appearing in white shirts and jeans. Ever since Ye Mu Fan had taken over, Luo Chen's style had started to shift towards a more mature style of dress - he was currently dressed in a classic uniform, causing his fans' blood to boil.

"Ah ah ah! Luo Chen, Luo Chen, Luo Chen! Luo Chen, I love you!"

"My only love, my Chen! The stars [1] will never fall!"

"Hubby, look here!"

"Ah ah ah..."

Ever since "Terrifying Dragon 2" aired, Luo Chen experienced a burst in fame and directly entered the ranks of A-list newbies.

While the fans were screaming continuously, another person stepped out of the seven-seater car.

Gong Xu still had his cherry blossom pink messy hair, but his style had totally been transformed by Ye Mu Fan - he was no longer wearing those blinding neon colors and was more focused on taste and character. He was still arrogant and unruly, but he was no longer so brainless and non-conforming who attracted a large batch of fans who cared only about an artist's looks.

Gong Xu straightened his collar and was upset. "Tsk tsk, fans these days are lacking in class, huh? What's so nice about a face with facial paralysis?"

After speaking, he smiled and greeted his fans, "Hi~"

His smile was even more dazzling than the sun; his little canine tooth was explosively adorable and carried a hint of seduction.

"Ah ah ah ah ah—— Gong Xu Gong Xu! Too cute! I want to make babies with you!"

"Oh god oh god! I'm going to faint——"

After receiving some enthusiastic shrieks from his fans, Gong Xu was finally satisfied.

"You two ancestors! Come in quickly! Otherwise, security won't be able to hold them back anymore!" Xiao Qing and Dong Zai hurriedly ushered these two people into the company building.

Gong Xu and Luo Chen looked at each other but didn't speak at all; they took the private lift together.

Gong Xu didn't like knocking before he entered.

When they arrived at the door of Ye Wanwan's office, he directly pushed the door open.

"Ye-ge, I'm back——"

In the next second, everyone at the door saw Shen Man Zhu and Ye Wanwan hugging...

Gong Xu: "Uh..."

Luo Chen: "..."

Four pairs of eyes looked at each other in dismay.

"Sorry for interrupting." Gong Xu was the fastest to return to his senses and he slammed the door shut immediately.

"Aiyo, damn, that's exciting ah ah ah ah——"

The moment the door was shut, Gong Xu began howling and attempted to peep through the gap of the door excitedly.

Behind him, Luo Chen furrowed his brows and obviously disapproved of Gong Xu's behavior.

Sensing Luo Chen's contemptuous gaze on him, Gong Xu rolled his eyes at him. "Psh! Bloody fake, stop pretending! Don't you want to know what's going on inside?"

My curiosity's exploding!

Damn damn damn! What's going on?

Isn't Ye-ge gay? Why would he and Shen Man Zhu... hm?

At the same time, in the office:

Ye Wanwan was extremely troubled. She didn't even have to think to know how Gong Xu would misunderstand what he just saw.

Actually, nothing happened just now - Shen Man Zhu was a little emotional after being rejected by her, so she pounced on her for a hug.

She wasn't prepared for this at all. Who'd have known that at this very moment, Gong Xu would suddenly push the door open...

[1]: Stars in Chinese is "Xing CHEN" so that's why one of Luo Chen's fans chanted that phrase.

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