Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 725: The type of girls he likes

Chapter 725: The type of girls he likes

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"Sor-sorry! Did I cause trouble for you?" Shen Man Zhu was apologetic.

"Don't worry, I'll explain." Ye Wanwan handed her a piece of tissue.

After some time:

Shen Man Zhu came out of the office.

Gong Xu was anxiously waiting and once he saw her walking out, he acted like a robber and pulled her to a quiet corner. "Aiya, I didn't know Shen Man Zhu has a crush on Ye-ge, eh?"

Shen Man Zhu had just gotten rejected, so she was in a bad mood and glared at him. "Can't I?"

"Sure sure sure, of course you can! My Ye-ge is so dashing that even I was moved. It's very normal for you to have a crush on him! So how's the progress?" Gong Xu tried fishing for juicy gossip.

Shen Man Zhu's face fell. Just by looking at her expression, he knew things hadn't gone well. "Director Ye isn't interested in women at all..."

Gong Xu: "..."

Hearing Shen Man Zhu's complaining, Gong Xu thought: Of course, because he likes men, silly!

Gong Xu's eyes shifted. He seemed to have thought of something as he revealed a sinister smile.

Uh huh, that's a good sign!

Now that there are more and more chicks falling for Ye-ge... there's a chance of pulling him back, right?

I really dislike... that man with an eerie aura...

He's not compatible with Ye-ge at all!

With that thought, Gong Xu turned to Shen Man Zhu and asked sincerely, "Man Zhu, do you know how to win Ye-ge over?"

The dejected Shen Man Zhu immediately looked at him. "You have a way?"

Gong Xu patted his chest and said proudly, "Of course. I'm the most favored artist working with Ye-ge; I know what he likes!"

Luo Chen: "..."

Gong Xu stared at Luo Chen and exclaimed, "What? Do you have something to say?!"

He looked like he wouldn't accept a rebuttal even if Luo Chen disagreed with what he said.

Luo Chen glanced at him plainly, unconcerned. However, he turned towards Gong Xu subconsciously and wanted to know the answer as well...

What Ye-ge likes? I really have no idea...

"What types of girls does Ye-ge like? Quick, tell me!" Shen Man Zhu urged him impatiently.

Gong Xu swept his gaze over her and said leisurely, "Tell me how you chased him first."

Shen Man Zhu's face reddened once again. "I... I got Felix to pass my number to him..."

Gong Xu: "Then what else?'

Shen Man Zhu: "Then I kept waiting for his call but in the end, I didn't get anything, so I came over to see him this morning..."

Gong Xu, who was waiting for something juicier, blinked and was disappointed. "That's all? Nothing else?"

Shen Man Zhu stomped her feet. "Yes! What else do you want?! It already took me a lot of guts to ask Felix to pull some strings for me, okay?!"

Gong Xu sighed and kept shaking his head. "Ay, this won't do. You're not doing it right at all! Do you know what types of girls Ye-ge likes?"

"Bullsh*t! Obviously I don't, which is why I'm asking you! Are you going to tell me or not? Stop beating around the bush!" Shen Man Zhu said, displeased.

"Come over. I'll tell you!" Gong Xu beckoned her with his index finger.

Shen Man Zhu immediately leaned over.

Gong Xu dragged his words and said mysteriously, "Let me tell you, Ye-ge likes girls who are unrestrained - the more unrestrained, forward and open, the better!"

Shen Man Zhu: "..."

Luo Chen, who acted like he didn't care but was eavesdropping: "..."

Shen Man Zhu was stunned for a second and asked doubtfully, "You... sure? Judging by director Ye's character, he should prefer the sweet, cute, innocent and reserved type, right?"

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