Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 723: I am the one with ulterior motives

Chapter 723: I am the one with ulterior motives

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Liang Wan Jun laughed and shook her head. Her eyes were filled with gratitude as she looked at her son and daughter.

Sitting and joking around together as a family like this was something she didn't even dare to imagine before.

Liang Wan Jun seemed to have remembered something when her face darkened slightly and she said hesitantly, "Oh right, Shao Ting, mom called yesterday and asked... Mu Fan and Wanwan to go over to the old residence for a meal when they're free..."

After hearing what Liang Wan Jun said, Ye Mu Fan's face turned frosty. "What for?! I'm not going!"

Ye Wanwan glanced at Ye Mu Fan plainly and said, "Mu Fan's quite busy lately; he probably doesn't have time to go over. Maybe next month. Ge, remember to get grandpa and grandma some gifts these next few days - pick something nice."

Ye Mu Fan had a change in his tone instantly. "Oh, got it!"

Liang Wan Jun couldn't help but burst out in laughter - Ye Mu Fan was just complaining that his father only listened to Wanwan but he was doing the same thing too.

Although the two elders would never change their opinions of her, she didn't want Wanwan and Mu Fan to be implicated.

With Mu Fan's character, he would easily be taken advantage of by Ye Yiyi and her mother...

Thankfully, Wanwan could help advise Mu Fan, so Liang Wan Jun was much more at ease.

Looking at her daughter becoming prettier and more sensible, the feeling in Liang Wan Jun's heart felt sweeter than honey and she asked caringly, "Wanwan, how are things between you and Ah-Jiu?"

In order to reassure her parents, Ye Wanwan nodded repeatedly. "En en, we're great! School holidays are coming up and we're preparing to travel~"

When Ye Mu Fan heard that, his face tensed up instantly. "Just the two of you? No way! I'm going as well!"

"No!" Ye Wanwan rejected him directly.

Ye Mu Fan became stern. "Wanwan, you're too naive, traveling alone with him. That guy must have some ulterior motive!"

Ye Wanwan looked disapprovingly at him. "Yes, of course there is an ulterior motive, but I am the one with the ulterior motive, so you aren't allowed to come along!"

Ye Mu Fan: "..."

Ugh! Driving me mad!


The next day, the incident at the Grand Fashion Ceremony was reported by the media with added oil and vinegar [1].

Both the media and public were on Ye Mu Fan's side - he was talented, handsome and occupied a high post, so why would he bother to tarnish a nobody's name?

Since he wasn't trying to tarnish He Jun Cheng's name, that meant it was a fact.

At the office:

Ye Wanwan was flipping through a pile of documents about identifying precious stones when a knock came at the door.

"Come in."

"Director Ye..."

Upon seeing who it was, Ye Wanwan's eyes flashed subtly. "Man Zhu, take a seat. Is something the matter?"

Meeting the man's eyes, Shen Man Zhu blushed a little and stood there hesitating for a long while before she finally said shyly, "That... director Ye... Felix... did he help me pass something to you?"

Ye Wanwan's fingers lightly rapped against the shiny desk and said, "Your number?"

Shen Man Zhu's face turned redder and she whined, "I've been waiting all night and didn't get any call. Director Ye, do you dislike me that much..."

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly and pinched her brows.

She wasn't very experienced at rejecting girls...

Obviously, it was also impossible for her to have any experience with that.

It was simpler with men - she could just speak her mind without any psychological barriers, but this other party now was a cute and delicate girl. Once she put herself in her shoes and thought about it, it would truly be too ruthless to reject her directly.

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