Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 720: Paranoia

Chapter 720: Paranoia

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He Jun Cheng swallowed hard and was completely dumbfounded.

This... how could this be?!

Ye Mu Fan is Felix?

This is impossible! There must be a mistake somewhere!   

Just as everyone looked at each other in confusion, director Zheng rushed over. "Damn! My great vice-chairperson, I've finally found you. Why didn't I see you at the entrance just now? I've already prepared your outfit, so hurry, get changed!"

Director Zheng probably sensed something strange about the atmosphere so he asked, "What? What happened? Oh, right, head stylist He, weren't you looking for our vice-chairperson? Here he is!"

He then turned to Ye Mu Fan and said, "Felix, this is head stylist He from Assembly of Stars Entertainment and on stage is Miss Shen Meng Qi from Assembly of Stars. They would like to speak to you about working together for the Lorraine Fashion Week..."

Ye Mu Fan casually pulled off a blade of grass from his sleeve. "Oh, is that so?"

At this current moment, He Jun Cheng and Shen Meng Qi wanted to die. When they heard what director Zheng said, they really wished to bury their heads deep into the ground.

Director Zheng already clarified it - they had to believe it no matter how unwilling they were!

Just now, director Zheng said Felix had an accident on the way there, which was why Ye Mu Fan was in this state...

So the mighty gold medal expert stylist, Felix, whom they were racking their brains over to think of a way to hire was actually that garbage, Ye Mu Fan!

Darn it, what exactly is going on here?

Ye Mu Fan had been kicked out of Emperor Sky. How was it possible that he could reach this level in such a short period of time?

Shen Meng Qi stood on stage and glared at He Jun Cheng ferociously.

Ye Mu Fan is Felix - how could he not know something so important?!

He Jun Cheng was at a loss. How could he have possibly known Felix and Ye Mu Fan were the same person?

However, the worst was yet to come...

In front, the chairperson of the Fashion Association, Mu Wen Qing, strode over with a rigid expression. "Mu Fan, you said He Jun Cheng stole your work just now - what do you mean?"

Ye Mu Fan glanced at Mu Wen Qing. "Teacher, it's nothing major, but not long ago, I lost a manuscript and to my surprise, it was picked up by head stylist He."

Hearing that, the cold sweat on He Jun Cheng's forehead almost started dripping. "This... this is a misunderstanding... a misunderstanding..."

If this was confirmed to be true, everything would be over for him.

He Jun Cheng panicked. He decided not to admit to the truth no matter what and he retorted instantly, "What manuscript are you talking about?! There's no such thing - this is my very own design! Chairperson, you must believe me!"

He Jun Cheng gradually became more confident when he realized Ye Mu Fan didn't have any evidence at all. "Young master Ye, you said this was your design, so could you please provide some evidence, huh?! When did you lose the manuscript? And where did you lose it?"

What now? Can't provide any proof, right!

Ye Mu Fan chuckled. "Haha, evidence? My memory isn't too good. I really can't recall all these irrelevant details... head stylist He, are you saying that I'm framing you, that I'm jealous of your talents and abilities so I'm trying to slander your name and take ownership of your work?"

He Jun Cheng was stunned by what Ye Mu Fan said. It shed light on the situation, and the crowd starting looking at He Jun Cheng doubtfully.

"He's got to be kidding - a vice-chairperson of the Fashion Association-cum-award winner of the Hundred Flowers award being jealous of him?"

"Is He Jun Cheng paranoid?"

He Jun Cheng was flustered and he started to ramble, "Ye Mu Fan, you and your poisonous slander! All this work is mine! They're my designs! You're accusing me without any evidence, so I could also say that you're stealing my work!"

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