Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 721: Switched personality within seconds

Chapter 721: Switched personality within seconds

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Ye Mu Fan acted graciously and like he didn't mind at all. "Hey~ Head stylist He, don't panic, I was just speaking my mind and didn't plan on making you take responsibility for this incident. It's just a design. I can give you over ten of mine in a day."

"Since you like it so much, I'll give it to you then. It's no big deal - we were once colleagues anyway, so I don't mind giving you another manuscript if you want!"

"Yyy-you... you you..." He Jun Cheng was so mad that he nearly spewed out blood.

Ye Mu Fan said he didn't mind, but he didn't have any evidence at all yet he managed to stick the label of stealing his work onto He Jun Cheng. Also, with his current status, everybody would naturally believe what he said.

"Oh my god, I really didn't expect He Jun Cheng to be someone like that - picking up someone's manuscript and calling it his own!"

"Exactly! How could he act so brazenly just because the other party doesn't have any evidence, huh?"

"He actually said Felix stole his work! Shameless!"

The crowd who had spoken up for He Jun Cheng just seconds earlier already shifted priorities completely; they were all mocking He Jun Cheng the way they ridiculed Ye Mu Fan awhile ago.

He Jun Cheng and Ye Mu Fan were akin to a beggar and a millionaire.

A beggar accusing the millionaire of stealing his money - would anyone believe this?

Ye Mu Fan looked at He Jun Cheng, who was attacked from all sides till he had no rebuttal, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Tsk, so what if I was just spouting random nonsense?

With my current status, do I still need any evidence to mess with him?

Anyway, with what Ye Mu Fan said today, He Jun Cheng's professional career could be considered destroyed already.

This was because nobody knew how many designs were in the aforementioned manuscript. Whether He Jun Cheng's future designs would be from the stolen manuscript or created by him, nobody would know.

As for Shen Meng Qi, who was wearing the stolen design, her future wasn't any better...

This chairperson, Mu Wen Qing, was obviously on Ye Mu Fan's side and he was also a very protective person. He immediately struck He Jun Cheng's name off the Fashion Association and called security to chase him out...

The other stylists from Assembly of Stars were ashamed as well and they silently left one after another.

Shen Meng Qi looked like a fool. She stood on the stage in a daze and not a single person helped her out of this embarrassing situation.

She held onto a glimmer of hope and looked towards Ye Mu Fan - although this man was vain and frivolous, he was devoted to protecting her and each time something happened to her, he was the first to appear...

However, this time, Ye Mu Fan didn't even glance at her once the entire time.

The man was completely surrounded by groups of people going up to him; she couldn't even see the back of his head...

"Haha, with pleasure, with pleasure..."

Ye Mu Fan was busy socializing like a fish back in the water when he caught sight of a familiar figure walking towards him. He was so shocked he nearly spat out his wine.

"My boss is here, I've got to go! Please make way!" Ye Mu Fan hurriedly passed his glass to a staff member nearby then rushed over——

Seeing how Ye Mu Fan had switched personalities within a second, director Zheng said helplessly, "Why do I find that each time our vice-chairperson sees director Ye, he behaves like a mouse seeing a cat?"

The staff member didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "That's true... usually, Felix can be quite arrogant - he won't give anyone face whenever he's in a bad mood, but with just one word from director Ye and he'll obey instantly!"

"Where did this director Ye from Dazzling come from? He has so many great experts under his control!"

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