Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 719: Who did you say he is?

Chapter 719: Who did you say he is?

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Ye Mu Fan crossed his arms and spoke without thinking: "Mine, obviously!"

"Pfft, haha... what did this garbage just say?"

The second Ye Mu Fan said that the designers scattered around He Jun Cheng immediately burst out laughing.

"Ye Mu Fan, is there something wrong with your head? Our head stylist He stole your work? Who do you think you are?"

"Aiyo eh, the head stylist of Assembly of Stars Entertainment stealing the work of a nobody - you really know how to put feathers in your own cap, huh!"

He Jun Cheng didn't have to say anything at all - everyone else's ridicule was enough to drown out Ye Mu Fan.

"Hey! Where's the security? Is this how they work? How could they simply let someone in without an invitation? And they even let him cause a ruckus here!"

"Exactly! Why aren't they chasing him out yet?!"

The commotion was getting bigger and very soon, the staff members were alerted.

"May I know what's going on here?" A girl in formal attire rushed over anxiously. After seeing Ye Mu Fan, her eyes glistened, "Director Zheng has been looking..."

Before the girl could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by the stylist with long hair. "This guy barged in without an invitation and caused trouble because he's jealous of our head stylist He. He even accused him of stealing his work! How do you guys do your job? Do you even care?"

People around them who didn't know what was going on were watching the commotion and whispering into each other's ears.

"Wh-what... he's here to cause trouble... jealous of head stylist He..." The staff member was puzzled and didn't understand what happened at all.

The long-haired man looked very stern and said firmly, "That's right! If you don't believe me, check and see whether he has an invitation!"

"Ay, forget it..." He Jun Cheng acted like he was very generous and forgiving.

In order to curry favor with He Jun Cheng, the long-haired guy spoke in a righteous tone, "How could you just let this go? This scum of the fashion world actually had the audacity to pass through the doors of our Fashion Association! He's tarnishing the name of the association!"

When the staff member heard that, her face was somewhat indescribable. The way she looked at He Jun Cheng and the others was as if she was looking at strange beings. "Indeed, this gentleman here doesn't have an invitation..."

The long-haired guy became excited immediately and said happily, "Told ya! What did he offer you that you were actually convinced to let him in?!"

The staff member was slightly angered by this person's aggressive attitude. She glanced coldly at He Jun Cheng and the others then explained, loud and clear, "This gentleman here is our Fashion Association's vice-chairperson. He is the host and organizer for today's Grand Fashion Ceremony so naturally, he didn't need an invitation. Do any of you have an issue with this?"

The entire place fell into a dead silence.

The long-haired guy's smile froze on his face and He Jun Cheng's eyes constricted instantly as he lifted his head and glared at Ye Mu Fan...

On stage, Shen Meng Qi was watching the show calmly and her body stiffened up immediately. Her delicate little face turned white and she looked at Ye Mu Fan in complete disbelief...

Wh-what did that woman just say?

Vice-chairperson of the Fashion Association...

Ye Mu Fan?

At this moment, He Jun Cheng, who had finally regained his senses, spoke with much difficulty, "You... what... what did you just say? Who did you say he was?"

The staff member rolled her eyes at him. "Our newly-appointed vice-chairperson of the Fashion Association, Mr. Felix. He's the guy you accused of barging in without an invitation and tarnishing the name of the Fashion Association."

Everyone: "..."

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