Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 718: Misappropriation of work

Chapter 718: 第717章 盗用作品 Misappropriation of work

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Mu Wen Qing shook his head. "Compared to Mu Fan, there's still a big difference..."

Director Zheng knew how much this chairperson admired the newly-appointed vice-chairperson and quickly said, "Of course! They have similar styles, but He Jun Cheng's work seems much more amateur!"

Mu Wen Qing turned to the empty seat next to him. "Where's Mu Fan? Why isn't he here yet?"

"He got into an accident on the way and he's dealing with it now. He'll be here later!"

"What? An accident?" Mu Wen Qing knitted his brows.

Director Zheng hurriedly explained, "Chairperson, don't panic. He's alright but his car was slightly damaged. I'll go to the entrance to meet him right away!"


Director Zheng's temporary departure didn't cause any commotion.

The second Shen Meng Qi appeared on stage, compliments could be heard everywhere and the audience started clapping.

"Truly, this is the best work of head stylist He. It's really amazing!"

"This creativity, this idea - no ordinary person could come up with it!"

"Even chairperson Mu nodded in approval just now!"

He Jun Cheng basked in all this inflated praise giddily. "All of you are flattering me; it's just a minor achievement not worth mentioning!"

Right at this moment...

Amidst the praise, there was a sudden voice——

"Tsk, since when did the standards of the Fashion Association drop so low? Even this shameless person's stolen work could be openly displayed on stage and receive the admiration of everyone?"

The man's voice was a little cynical and full of sarcasm.

As this questioning voice was so sudden, everyone went silent for a second.

He Jun Cheng's gleeful expression froze on his face. His expression darkened as he turned to the side——

He saw Ye Mu Fan standing there with his hair still a mess and his clothes crumpled. Ye Mu Fan curled his lips and stood there calmly.


He actually dared to mess with us!

Good, very good...

He Jun Cheng didn't have to speak up at all - someone else already started yelling on his behalf: "Where did this wretched-looking beggar come from eh? How dare he bring down the reputation of the Fashion Association and even accuse our stylist of being a thief!"

Not many had seen Felix's face and looking at Ye Mu Fan's sloven appearance, nobody respected him obviously.

"Who is this guy? Why does he look so familiar?"

"Don't you know? He's the great young master of Ye Group, crown prince of Emperor Sky Entertainment - Ye Mu Fan!"

"Damn! That ignorant bum? What's he doing here?"

"I heard he used to do odd jobs for He Jun Cheng and was fired - he probably has a grudge so he's here to cause trouble!"

"This is ridiculous!"

When everyone was almost done insulting Ye Mu Fan, He Jun Cheng stood up and said casually, "Young master Ye, you were chased out of your house and was living on the streets before, so our big missy pitied you and decided to take you in, allowing you to work for me."

"But since you didn't have any talents and refused to work properly, I had no choice but to let you go. After all, the company needs to make profits and we can't afford to pay idlers."

"Who knew that not only were you unremorseful, but you even came here to insult me, ay..."

He Jun Cheng pretended to be heartbroken while Ye Mu Fan remained silent. He simply stood there and watch his act. "Oh? I have no talents? Then who has talents, huh? Is it you, great stylist He? The person who only knows how to copy someone else's work?"

He Jun Cheng was waiting for him to say this and sniggered, "Young master Ye, you accuse me of stealing someone else's work? Why don't you tell us whose work I've stolen?"

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