Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 715: Depends on our luck

Chapter 715: Depends on our luck

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He Jun Cheng was in a difficult position. "Meng Qi, I suggest you don't have too much hope. This newly-appointed vice-chairperson has a weird personality - he doesn't charge a cent for styling artists in Dazzling Media, but for anyone outside of Dazzling Media, including those from Worldwide, it depends on his mood and he could charge an extremely steep price!"

"Even so, there's a long line of people requesting him; he's extremely hard to get. I know director Zheng from the Fashion Association and we might be able to ask him to help us pull some strings, but whether we can hire him or not depends on our luck..."

Shen Meng Qi furrowed her brows. "He's just a stylist - does he have to be so arrogant...?"

When a stylist from Assembly of Stars heard her, he quickly said, "Big missy, you shouldn't belittle the importance of a stylist. In the entertainment industry, an artist's outlook and style are life or death to them. It's hard to find a good stylist in the industry, let alone an expert like Felix who can transform something rotten into something magical. He's now a hot favorite - even superstars and A-listers have to humble themselves before him!"

He Jun Cheng nodded in agreement. "Yes, that's exactly it..."

At the moment, there was a commotion nearby. It was the arrival of director Zheng from the Fashion Association.

"Meng Qi, director Zheng is here! Quick!"

He Jun Cheng waited for a long time before he finally squeezed through the crowd and brought Shen Meng Qi over to meet him.

"Director Zheng, hello, hello. I'm He Jun Cheng from Assembly of Stars Entertainment. We met before!"

Director Zheng nodded slightly then raised the glass in his hand. "Head stylist He, I haven't congratulated you on being nominated for the Hundred Flowers award this time! Your work is amazing! Even the chairperson himself praised your work!"

"Thank you, thank you, director Zheng. You're too kind!" He Jun Cheng smiled and exchanged conventional greetings for a bit before moving on to business. "Director Zheng, I wonder if... the vice-chairperson is here yet? About that thing I told you before - what do you think? Could you ask him for me?"

Director Zheng shook his head. "Ask Felix? Next month will be the opening of Fashion Week in Lorraine and almost everyone is looking for him - if it's an artist from Dazzling Media, it'd be easier, but for other companies..."

Director Zheng gave an expression like everyone should be well aware of this and patted He Jun Cheng's shoulders. "Count yourself lucky if you're able to exchange a few words with him tonight. Give it some time!"

He Jun Cheng hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, yes, we don't mind waiting at all. Please put in a good word for us later..."

Director Zheng was about to speak when his phone started ringing, so he quickly stepped to the side to answer it, appearing to be extremely polite.

"Ay, hello vice-chairperson, are you here yet? What? How did that happen? Was it serious? Are you alright? Oh, good good, as long as you're fine. Clothes shouldn't be a problem. I'll prepare some for you personally... Sure sure sure..."

Director Zheng immediately turned to He Jun Cheng and the others after the phone call, "Everyone, I have something I need to do right now. I'm going to excuse myself first!"

"Sure, sure, go get busy!" Everyone sent him on his way.

After director Zheng left, everybody split into their own groups and started gossiping.

"Was director Zheng on the phone with the vice-chairperson just now? Did something happen?"

"Seems like he encountered a bit of trouble on his way here..."

"Speaking of which, where did this Felix come from anyway? Since he's so great, why didn't he join a bigger company? Why was he so set on staying in a small nook like Dazzling?"

"Not sure. I only know that he was poached by Dazzling's director of talent management... also, Dazzling is doing quite good now, right? From the looks of things, they seem quite awesome!"

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