Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 714: We must hire him

Chapter 714: We must hire him

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The luck of the newly-appointed gold medal stylist, godly Felix, didn't seem too good.

Ye Mu Fan was looking bright and dashing as he left the apartment; he had pomade in his hair which was very neatly combed. He drove his red Pagani sports car towards the venue of the Grand Fashion ceremony, radiant with happiness.

The ceremony was held at a high-end private clubhouse in the suburbs of Beijing.

Although the weather wasn't great the past few days and it had been raining, it didn't seem to dampen his good mood at all.

The car windows were half open and there was a light drizzle pattering against his face, yet he was completely relaxed and content. Since there weren't many people on the road, Ye Mu Fan sped up.

But halfway through, he saw a small blue car going against the traffic, advancing towards him.

"F*ck!" Ye Mu Fan slammed on his brakes and swerved to avoid the car.

As he was driving too fast, the red Pagani still scaped against the Buick and drove into a nearby shrub before it finally stopped.

Thankfully, he dodged the car and nothing major happened.

As it had just rained, the shrub was covered with mud. When Ye Mu Fan finally climbed out of his car, his entire appearance was ruined.

His hair was a mess, his body was stained with mud and the hood of his Pagani had a big dent.

"Damn it..."

I'm dead meat!

Ye Mu Fan scratched his head and was as worried as an ant in a simmering pot. His first reaction was: I'm dead, I'm dead. Wanwan already told me to drive slowly before I left the apartment, but now, I crashed the car.

If Wanwan finds out about it, she'll skin me alive!

"Damn, do you know how to drive?!"

The driver of the blue car got out of the car and started yelling at Ye Mu Fan immediately.

Ye Mu Fan was stunned. He was the one going against traffic, alright? Now I understand the saying "the guilty party files the suit."

The other party had a strong stench of alcohol and had clearly been drunk driving.

Great, I'll just call the police What's the use in reasoning with a drunkard anyway?

As Ye Mu Fan needed to rush off to the Grand Fashion Ceremony, he directly called the police then gave his assistant a call to come over and settle the matter.

At the same time, He Jun Cheng and Shen Meng Qi were already at the venue of the Grand Fashion Ceremony.

The two of them handed in their delicately designed gold foil invitations and entered.

The ballroom was filled with perfumed clothes and gorgeous hairdos; everyone there was either renowned in the fashion industry or were famous celebrities.

After the two of them entered, a number of acquaintances went up and greeted them.

"Head stylist He, congratulations on getting nominated!"

He Jun Cheng cupped his hands in gratitude. "You're too kind, you're too kind!"

After a round of greeting, Shen Meng Qi scanned the crowd anxiously. "Is the Felix you mentioned here already?"

He Jun Cheng: "Doesn't seem like it..."

"He Jun Cheng, give me a definite answer right now - are you confident you can hire that guy or not?" Shen Meng Qi was worried and asked once again.

He Jun Cheng wasn't certain and replied hesitantly, "Meng Qi, must you really hire Felix?"

Shen Meng Qi glanced sideways at him. "Of course! This is my first international show. I won't allow room for any mistakes!"

Lately, her styles had been mediocre and her status as a fashion guru was in danger, so how could she not be anxious?

So, no matter what the price was, she had to hire him.

If He Jun Cheng was more reliable, would she have to go through so much effort, huh?

As for Ye Mu Fan, he was even more useless! He was probably fooling around somewhere right now!

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