Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 713: Who does he think he is?

Chapter 713: Who does he think he is?

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Over at Assembly of Stars Entertainment, everyone was crowded around He Jun Cheng, congratulating him.

"Head stylist He, congratulations!"

"Indeed, one's ability will prove it all. Those amateur country bumpkins don't know a thing about fashion and even said our boss used up all his creative powers already!"

"Of course! Do you know how competitive the Hundred Flowers Film awards are? Even Chasel from Emperor Sky wasn't on the list!"

The costume drama He Jun Cheng acted in was nominated for the Hundred Flowers award. Although the drama was only shortlisted and he didn't win an award, this was the most prestigious award in the local film industry and only the top experts were nominated.

Due to the errors appearing in his recent designs and styles, there was an increasing amount of rumors but fortunately, this award proved his abilities. Even the rumors about the drop in his skills dissipated.

This costume drama which was nominated for the Hundred Flowers award was taken over by Ye Mu Fan before he left. When that happened, he only managed to complete his job halfway. At first, He Jun Cheng tried to convince Ye Mu Fan to come back and work for him, but who'd have expected that that garbage didn't know what was good for him? Because of him, He Jun Cheng had to form a team at the very last minute to complete the rest of the design.

Luckily, all the work he did during these two years was enough for him to gain a foothold in the fashion world; he could even just live off his past achievements.

"Ay, a pity that 'The Prosperous Dynasty' popped out all of a sudden. Otherwise, the award would definitely go to our head stylist He!"

Someone mumbled regretfully in the crowd.

However, someone else went over to He Jun Cheng immediately to flatter him. "Too bad, 'The Prosperous Dynasty' is Worldwide's major production; we won't be able to compare with their resources and investments. Also, that designer who won the award was recruited into Dazzling. He must be some expert who relied on connections. It's expected that he won the award, but our head stylist He threw a sprat to catch a whale - he was truly the unexpected winner!"

"That's right, that's right! I heard the chairperson of the fashion association, Mu Wen Qing, personally invited head stylist He to participate in the Grand Fashion ceremony this time. He even praised head stylist He's work in front of the reporters previously!"

Obviously, He Jun Cheng didn't feel very comfortable when they brought up the drama series, "The Prosperous Dynasty," that trampled him. However, losing to an opponent like that wasn't embarrassing to him. It was actually an honor instead.

Hearing the compliments around him, He Jun Cheng replied smugly, "It's just pure luck that I gained chairperson Mu's favor!"

Everyone hurriedly boot-licked him once again. "Head stylist He, you're too humble. These two years, you've won countless awards and groomed so many artists for the company - how could it simply be pure luck?! It's your talent and strength that has brought you to the position you are in today!"

After He Jun Cheng was done basking in praise from everybody, he drove over to fetch Shen Meng Qi, perfectly content.

In the car, He Jun Cheng, who was clad in designer brands, was flushed with success. "Meng Qi, what do you think? I told you there wouldn't be any problems, didn't I?! Who does that guy think he is? He really thinks he's irreplaceable, huh!"

Although Shen Meng Qi's face was much gentler, she was still unhappy and frustrated. "What about my outfit for next month's International Fashion Week? Can I rely on you, huh?"

He Jun Cheng's eyes lit up. "I've already thought it out. During the Grand Fashion Ceremony tonight, the newly appointed vice-chairperson, Felix, will be there as well. We just have to prepare a couple gifts to entice him a little then ask him out for a discussion and hire him to style you!"

Shen Meng Qi rolled her eyes at him, annoyed. "He's Worldwide's gold medal stylist, a guest of Mu Wen Qing, the vice-chairperson of the fashion association - as if it would be that easy for him to hire me, eh!"

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