Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 712: Who is he going to be fronting for?

Chapter 712: Who is he going to be fronting for?

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Ye Mu Fan was cursing in his heart when Ye Wanwan pulled open a drawer and took out a velvet gift box for him.

"Almost forgot about this - it's for you! Congratulations on getting the award!"

"Heh heh, I have a present, eh? How can I accept that, huh?" Although that was what he said, his hand reached out for it swiftly.

The moment he opened it, a Patek Philippe greeted him; it was a special limited edition watch.

Ye Mu Fan noticed there was another similar box in her drawer, so he asked, "You bought two sets?"

"It's dad's birthday next month. Did you forget about it?"

"Oh, oh, right. But with dad's personality, he wouldn't accept such an expensive watch..."

"I'll just tell him it's a counterfeit and I bought it for $200." Ye Wanwan didn't seem to mind.

Ye Mu Fan was speechless. *cough* "You think our dad can't even differentiate the real deal from a counterfeit?"

Ye Wanwan raised her brows. "Whether or not he believes it depends on who says it."

Ye Mu Fan pouted. "Right right right... he believes whatever his precious daughter says!"

"Oh right - are you coming to tonight's Grand Fashion Ceremony?" Ye Mu Fan asked excitedly.

After going through so much, Ye Mu Fan now kept quite a low profile. This was his first time appearing in front of the public at tonight's Grand Fashion Ceremony organized by the fashion association. Also, he would be appearing in the capacity of the vice-chairperson of the fashion association and expert judging panel.

"I still have some things I need to settle first, so I'll probably be late. Since it's your night tonight, I'll just drop by for a bit. Make sure you don't drink so much and drive slowly." Ye Wanwan smiled.

Before, she had to keep an eye on Ye Mu Fan, but now, she could let him handle things by himself. Actually, with regards to networking, Ye Mu Fan was much better at it than her.

"Alright, then I'll head over by myself first. Remember to come..." Ye Mu Fan urged her repeatedly.

Otherwise, who am I going to be fronting for?!

I finally have something to show for my life~

Before leaving, Ye Mu Fan caught sight of a stack of documents next to Ye Wanwan's hand and there seemed to be the logo of Si Corporation printed on the corner of it.

Why would Wanwan have documents about the Si Corporation?

Ye Mu Fan shook his head and assumed he probably made a mistake, so he didn't think much about it and simply hummed a song, leaving in good spirits.

After Ye Mu Fan left, Ye Wanwan continued looking through the documents with relevant information about the Si Corporation.

Before she was reborn, she spent all her time on chasing Gu Yue Ze, resenting the heavens and blaming others. After her rebirth, she didn't waste a single second at all and was absorbing all sorts of knowledge like a sponge.

Aside from things related to acting, she spent all her remaining time on understanding the Si Corporation better.

The Si family had various subdivisions all over the world handled by their direct descendants. Needless to say, their subsidiary companies were messier with crooks mixed in with the honest folks. They were involved in real estate, hotels, jewelry, precious stones, antiques, jades, fashion, electronics, and many other industries; she already spent many months just trying to sort out and understand one of them.

However, these matters really were quite complicated. Even the internal staff who had worked in the Si Corporation for many years could never possibly understand everything fully. It was already impressive for her to be able to absorb so much information in such a short time.

After the first step of information collection was completed, the next step was to put what she learned into practice.

If she wanted to win people over, she couldn't simply indulge in empty talk...

During this period, Qin Ruo Xi was obviously working hard as well and had successfully clinched a number of major deals while Si Ye Han was recuperating, winning many people over.

It was hard to blame anyone for thinking that Qin Ruo Xi's status was irreplaceable.

Tsk, I will let those people know what it truly means to be irreplaceable...

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