Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 711: Why can't you play by the book?

Chapter 711: Why can't you play by the book?

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Dazzling Media, Ye Mu Fan's office.

"All the relevant details about our cooperation has been verified and completed. Miss Shen, do you still have any questions?" Ye Mu Fan held a cigarette between his fingers as he glanced at the woman seated across from him on the sofa.

The woman was dressed in a black evening gown. She looked stunning and her figure was fantastic. When she heard Ye Mu Fan's words, she stood up slowly and walked towards him.

The woman stood right in front of Ye Mu Fan's desk then lowered her body and said in the sweetest voice, "Head stylist Felix..."

Ye Mu Fan flicked the cigarette ashes away and looked at the other party casually.

The woman leaned over on purpose to reveal the black lace bra she was wearing...

"What? Is there anything else?" Ye Mu Fan feigned ignorance and asked.

In the past, he was a playboy and had seen many such seduction methods. How could he not know what she was trying to do?

As expected, Shen Man Zhu took out a piece of perfumed paper from her body and passed it to him. "This is my number..."

Ye Mu Fan glanced at her and didn't move at all.

He had already turned over a new leaf and his career was his life right now. He would never be swayed by these nobodies.

Hence, Ye Mu Fan rejected her with a straight face. "Miss Shen, I'm very sorry but I'm not who you think I am. My career is my top priority right now..."

Ye Mu Fan was about to reject her but was immediately interrupted by the girl's pleas. "Please hand it to director Ye for me, thanks!"

"..." Ye Mu Fan was dumbfounded. He looked as if he had just eaten poop. *cough cough cough...* "Huh? Who... who did you want me to pass it to?"

Everyone in the industry called him by his English name and didn't address him as director Ye. There was only one person who went by the title director Ye...

And that was his sister...

The woman covered her face shyly. "Ye Bai, director Ye! You're on good terms with him, right? Please help me pull some strings, eh! I'm too embarrassed to do it!"

Ye Mu Fan: "..."

I'll pull your father...

Why can't you play by the book?

"Please, please! You must pass it to him! I'll treat you to a meal if it's done, oh~" The female artist stuffed her phone number into Ye Mu Fan's pocket, blew him a kiss and left.

Ye Mu fan stared at the piece of paper with her number written on it. The sadness in his heart overflowed like a river.

Back in the day, Ye Wanwan was the one who helped him pass love letters and gifts to girls; he never ever thought there would be a day when their roles were reversed...

Ye Mu Fan took a very long time before he managed to get over his sorrow. He took the paper resentfully and went to find his sister.

"Dong dong dong——" Even his knocks were full of resentment.

"Come in!" Ye Wanwan covered all the documents from Si Corporation that she was reading.

Ye Mu Fan entered and directly tossed the piece of paper on Ye Wanwan's desk. "There, it's for you!"

Ye Wanwan choked and sneezed as the paper was too heavily scented. "What's this?"

Ye Mu Fan mumbled with jealousy, "A chick's number - she's trying to hook up with you and wants me to pull strings for her!"

Ye Wanwan giggled and put the paper aside then she waved. "You know very well that I'm strong in will but weak in power - you should've declined on my behalf at least!"

Seeing the faint smile on Ye Wanwan's lazy expression, Ye Mu Fan spaced out.

Then he realized something miserably. Damn! My sister is really quite handsome...

When she was working, her serious manner gave one a sense of security and when she was relaxed and lazy, she was extremely charming...

No, wait, that's not the point. The point is... what does she mean by "strong in will" but weak in power? She's a girl, so what willpower does she need...

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