Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 710: Screwed over again

Chapter 710: Screwed over again

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The cross-dresser murmured softly like he just suffered a grievance, "Great missy seemed to have vanished from this earth. There are no leads at all, and our only clue right now is a photo from four years ago. We can't be sure how she looks like right now or whether she's a man or woman - she might've even gone for a sex change... with a sea of people around us, how are we going to look for her?"

At this moment, the black phone clipped on Nameless Nie's waist rang all of a sudden like demonic music playing in his ear.

Everyone's hairs stood on end and they all moved back with their stools, trying their best to reduce their existence.

Nameless Nie pinched his brows. Although he wasn't very willing, he didn't dare to delay and answered the call immediately, "Hello..."

"Have you found my mom?" The familiar voice of a child came through the receiver. He had an immature voice, but it was icy and particularly horrifying.

Nameless Nie took a deep breath. "I said... can't you change your lines a little each time you call?"

"Have you found my dad?"

"..." Sure, just pretend that I didn't say anything.

"Uncle, you're left with half a month's time, and if you still don't have news about them by then, I can only go over to country Z personally."

Nameless Nie's scalp went numb instantly. "Damn! Don't do anything rash - what if something happens to you?!"

My parents would murder me if anything happened to their precious grandson!

Furthermore, this little devil tortures me till I don't even want to live anymore when he's a thousand miles away - how am I going to live if he comes over to country Z?!

"Then we can only blame me for having such a useless uncle."

Nameless Nie: "..." Must you hurt me like this?

Nameless Nie gritted his teeth and said gloomily, "Do you know you're not adorable at all? Even if we find your parents, they won't want you!"

"Uncle, you should just worry about yourself because before that happens, your daddy and mommy wouldn't want you first."

Nameless Nie: "F*ck..."

The four people around the table knew what was going on just by looking at Nameless Nie's expression...

Ay, captain is getting screwed over again!

He knows he'll get abused each time and should just give up struggling - why go to this extent, eh..?.

Nameless Nie placed his phone down and glanced at the four people. "If we can't find her in six months, little devil will be making a trip to country Z personally."

"Damn——" The four people who had previously been gloating changed their faces instantly at the same time.


Lately, things could be said to be going smoothly for Ye Wanwan.

She successfully accumulated enough course credits to jump a year in college, Dazzling rose rapidly under Ye Wanwan's management and after the "bullying" incident, Gong Xu's damaged reputation had been reversed - he was successfully molded into a frank and outspoken person with a free and easygoing personality. As for Luo Chen, the ratings for "Terrifying Dragon 2" kept rising after it was broadcast. It exploded in fame and although Luo Chen played the role of a supporting actor, his popularity crushed the main lead, Ling Shao Zhe. He got advertisements, endorsements, magazine covers, variety show appearances and all sorts of other projects and opportunities came knocking.

All these came as no surprise and were part of Ye Wanwan's plan, but helping Ye Mu Fan was still the most gratifying one. At first, she was worried he wouldn't be able to recover after his setback, but thankfully, that guy strove for himself and led the entire styling team to transform the public's impression of Dazzling's artists being manufactured on a production line.

After "The Prosperous Dynasty" was screened, there were tons of great reviews and the styling and designs of the costumes in the show caused quite a sensation in the fashion world.

From this show alone, Ye Mu Fan won the Hundred Flowers best costume designer award and over ten other awards, becoming the greatest unexpected winner in the fashion world. He gained recognition from the chairperson of the fashion association, Mu Wen Qing, and even got the position of vice-chairperson; he was doing extremely well in the industry.

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