Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 709: Greatest financial backer

Chapter 709: Greatest financial backer

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"Hehe, it's like this - as our greatest financial backer at the moment, I think you're the most reliable. If there are any other jobs like this in the future, please contact us anytime! We'll be there!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

I'm actually their greatest financial backer at the moment? How badly are they doing, huh?

These two seemed to be acting in the eyes of others, but Ye Wanwan knew very clearly that they had really been fighting. Moreover, she had never seen those moves before.

By right, with their skills, they should have a couple career options and wouldn't have to starve. But judging from what they said, it seemed like there was some weird rule about not using violence to earn money.

Also, she could tell that these people were in the late stages of lazy cancer with one look - they could neither use their four limbs nor distinguish rice from wheat. Furthermore, each one of them was really strange and had strange thought patterns. Which normal employer would want to hire them, huh? No wonder they could only beg, read people's fortunes, set up stalls along the street or be laborers.

Although their actions were strange and Ye Wanwan still didn't know where they came from, it had nothing to do with her anyway. She just found it quite pleasing to the eye when she saw this devotee beating up Yuan Sheng and the others the other day, so she simply offered them the job today.

*cough* "If there are any opportunities in the future, I will. Oh right, you guys wait here for a bit. They will be giving out packed lunches soon. It's the final shoot today, so the food should be pretty good," Ye Wanwan said before she promptly left, not wishing to stay there any longer.

She had no idea how these people were looking at her - with eyes glistening like they just saw a mountain of gold.


Late at night, big street stall:

Nameless Nie had one leg up on a long stool. His expression was horribly gloomy. "It's the last day of the month."

The bulky man across him obediently took out the money from moving bricks. They were all $5 and $10 notes, totaling a little over $100 altogether.

Spray of Flowers pushed the devotee away with his buttocks immediately and went over to take credit, "Captain, captain, I made $200 today, oh! I can finally provide for captain now!"

The second Spray of Flowers got closer to him, the hairs on Nameless Nie's body stood straight up and he glared at him warily. "Stay away from me if you don't have a death wish!"

I'm a straight man!

Seeing that his captain would kill him as a sacrifice to the heavens if he caused any unnecessary misunderstandings, Spray of Flowers instantly looked as though he just suffered an enormous blow and wept. "Captain, do you have someone else already...? Sob sob sob..."

The devotee squeezed his way through to curry favor. "Move it, bloody cross-dresser! Captain, captain, this is the $200 I made!"

Finally, even the iceberg man took out a hundred bucks without a sound.

Other than Little Sweetie, how could these three guys possibly earn money as well? Nameless Nie revealed a suspicious look.

"Where did the money come from?! Did you rob people again?! Have you guys forgotten our team's core values again?!" Nameless Nie snapped.

The cross-dresser hurriedly explained, "Captain, we earned this money honestly and legally! We earned it from acting!"

How could these people think of being walk-on artists with their level of intelligence? Most importantly, which production crew would actually hire them?

"Captain, it was that Famous Ye chick who got us the job - the one who paid for our meal that time! Aiya, we really are fated, huh!"

Lately, captain had been tortured by the little devil at home till he was on edge all the time. Who would dare to offend him, huh!

"Famous Ye..." Nameless Nie finally believed them.

Nameless Nie glanced at the date. It was getting closer and closer to the little devil's deadline, and it was making him worried. "Any news about her?"

When they all heard his question, they turned to look at each other and shrunk into quails.

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