Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 716: You've been well since we last met

Chapter 716: You've been well since we last met

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The crowd chatted for a while and the Grand Fashion Ceremony was about to begin, but Felix still hadn't arrived.

Quite a number of people had shown up because of him tonight; it could even be said that they were all anxiously awaiting his arrival at this moment.

Shen Meng Qi was bored stiff as she chatted about fashion and accessories with a couple small artists while He Jun Cheng was shooting his mouth off with a few stylists.

At this moment, a stylist with a low ponytail standing across from He Jun Cheng suddenly turned and said in an exaggerated manner, "Aiyo, what a rare sight. Guess who I just saw?"

"Who? You're being so dramatic! Could it be Felix?"

"Pui! Don't insult my prince charming! It's that useless great young master from the Ye family, the crown prince of Emperor Sky Entertainment!"

"Crown prince of Emperor Sky Entertainment? Are you referring to Ye Mu Fan?"

I thought Ye Mu Fan's entire family had been chased out of the family because of what his dad did? He hasn't appeared at such high profile events for quite some time."

"No way... what's he doing here? Did you see wrong?"

The crowd was gossiping while looking at the man with long hair. With one glance, he really did look like that good-for-nothing great young master.

Hearing the gossip, He Jun Cheng turned and looked as well. As expected, he saw Ye Mu Fan avoiding the crowd and entering the ballroom.

All he saw was Ye Mu Fan's hair in a mess and his attire crumpled and stained. It even had some leaves on it and he looked extremely pathetic.

"Pfffft—— why did he come over looking like this? Is this crown prince letting himself go with completely no sense of shame anymore?"

Everyone knew how particular Ye Mu Fan was about his manner of dress in the past and he had never appeared so haggard in front of everyone before.

In the past, Ye Mu Fan was too high profile and nobody had a good impression of him, so they obviously gloated when they saw him so down and out now.

"What crown prince eh? The Ye family is no longer what they used to be; it's the second son, Ye Shao An, who matters now and Ye Yiyi is the future lady of the Gu household. They make a strong alliance. As if there's still a place for him!"

Even everyone in the industry knew about that trivial matter in the Ye family.

Who didn't know that this prince, Ye Mu Fan, was abandoned long ago and was now a stray dog?

A designer with a pointy chin moved closer to He Jun Cheng to gossip. "I heard he was previously doing odd jobs for Assembly of Stars Entertainment? Were you guys the ones who gave him an invitation letter?"

The long-haired man immediately sneered, "What? He was dismissed ages ago! This useless garbage! Our big missy and head stylist He were kind, so they gave him something to do!"

Ye Mu Fan was about to look for director Zheng to get a change of outfit, but all of a sudden, someone blocked his way.

"Aiya, isn't this our Assembly of Stars' great stylist Ye, eh? Looks like after leaving Assembly of Stars, you've been doing... quite well eh! Are you also here to attend the Grand Fashion Ceremony?"

Ye Mu Fan was pondering how to explain things to Wanwan and was very irritable. His cold eyes swept over the group of stylists headed by He Jun Cheng and couldn't be bothered with them. "Good dogs don't block the way!"

He Jun Cheng didn't expect he would be able to watch such an interesting program today, so he walked over merrily. "Young master Ye, I see you've been well since we last met!"

Not far off, Shen Meng Qi noticed the situation and her gaze was full of disgust and disdain as she looked at Ye Mu Fan.

What's this guy doing here? Could it be that he still has evil intentions towards me?

With that thought, Shen Meng Qi was instantly disgusted. She took a glance at him and quickly turned away, uninterested.

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