Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 706: Very honest and legal

Chapter 706: Very honest and legal

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Spray of Flowers, who was disguised as a woman, sized Ye Wanwan up and got interested as he muttered, "Aiyo, kindred spirit..."

Ye Wanwan turned to Xiao Chen and said, "Xiao Chen, go busy yourself. I'll talk to these people here!"

"Ah, how can I do that?!" Xiao Chen's cheeks turned redder.

"It's nothing."

"Hey! Xiao Chen——" At this moment, someone called for Xiao Chen to go over.

"Then... alright! Sorry to trouble you, Ye-ge. These people have nothing better to do! If they still refuse to move, I'll get security to chase them away later!" As someone needed her urgently, she had no choice but to thank Ye Wanwan and leave.


After Xiao Chen left, the three people were unmoving mountains and continued to occupy the "precious Feng Shui ground." They didn't seem to have any intentions of moving at all.

"Aiyo, security? I'm so scared! I'm not even afraid of law enforcers - why would I be afraid of security, huh?!"

Ye Wanwan laughed. "Trying to earn some money? I have a job for all of you here."

The cross-dresser had a rice straw in his mouth. He looked icily arrogant and scoffed in disdain. "Tsk, what did I just hear - you want to hire us? What a big appetite!"

The devotee spoke in a profound manner, "Ye... little bro, you better speak cautiously - you can't afford any single one of us here."

Ye Wanwan nodded. "Oh, then may I know how much it will cost to hire all of you?"

The cross-dresser spat, "I've never accepted a job below the price of 100 million."

The devotee sneered, "Bloody ladyboy, what are you bragging for? So what if it's 100 million? This poor devotee's highest record is 1 billion!"

After which, he touched the dust in his hands and said to Ye Wanwan, "The three of us, including the one who's lying down, will not be less than 50 million."

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched as she listened to their bragging. "Can we bargain and make it slightly cheaper?"

The cross-dresser said arrogantly, "I don't ever negotiate on a price."

The devotee smiled, "If it's for you, beauty, this poor devotee can give you a special discount of 10%."

Ye Wanwan nodded. "Oh, 100 per person. Are you guys in or not?"

Cross-dresser: "..."

Devotee: "..."

"100! Are you insulting me?" the cross-dresser screamed.

The devotee's expression was hard to describe. "Little bro Ye, I think you might have a little misunderstanding of the word 'bargain'."

"Is that a no? Forget it then..." Ye Wanwan turned around and walked away.

The moment Ye Wanwan turned around, the devotee moved at lightning speed and appeared in front of her. "Wait! Brother Ye, I'll do it, I'll do it! As long as it doesn't go against my morals, doesn't require violence and is lawful!"

Ye Wanwan chuckled. "I just need an extra; you just gotta act for a couple minutes - it's very easy and this is considered acting, not using violence. It's in line with all your requirements. It's extremely honest and legal."

The devotee's eyes glistened immediately and he said eagerly, "Deal! When can I start work? When can I get the money? Are meals provided?"

"Damn it! You assh*ole! You're playing dirty, huh!" The cross-dresser yelled from behind. "Boss, don't listen to him - I'm cheaper than him. I only want 80 bucks!"

Then, at the corner, a muffled voice came from the stretcher, "Boss, do you need any dead men? I can lie still an entire day for 50 bucks."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Before, when she accidentally witnessed that devotee beating up Yuan Sheng and the others, she knew he was no ordinary person judging by his skills. Now, it seemed like he really wasn't ordinary, not the ordinary nutcase...

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