Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 707: Pacifist

Chapter 707: Pacifist

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When Ye Wanwan brought the three of them over, Zhang Hua hadn't found anyone suitable yet and was being rushed by Song Jin Lin, who was burning with impatience.

It was simply petrifying when Song Jin Lin raged, so nobody dared to take on the part anymore.

"Zhang-ge, have you found anyone?" Ye Wanwan brought the three people over.

"Not yet! Ay..."

"Why don't you take these three and give them a go? This guy dressed as a devotee is pretty skilled and if you need a corpse, you can use this guy with long hair."

"Aiya, Thank you, director Ye, for your recommendations! I'll let them try out right away!" Zhang Hua was desperate at this point and Ye Wanwan brought these three people over at the right time. Thus, he didn't care so much and thanked her quickly. He was simply giving medicine to a dead horse [1]; he'd just try them out first and see how it went.

As for this person who could play dead, he'd just take him in as a form of giving director Ye some respect - it didn't cost him anything anyway.

Zhang Hua prioritized the other two people and he asked them, "Have you guys acted in fights before?"

At the filming site, there were all sorts of different costumes, so even though these two people were dressed weirdly, Zhang Hua didn't think much of it.

The cross-dresser waved his hands, surprised. "We are pacifists. We don't ever fight."

The devotee placed his palms together and performed a Taoist gesture. "This poor devotee here cultivates moral character and never uses violence."

Zhang Hua panicked. "Ay, that won't do! You must be able to fight later! Let me brief you guys - both of you will be at different ends. Just follow the crowd and charge towards one another then start fighting. You must be more intense when fighting - it must look like both of you have some deep hatred for one another and are in a struggle for life and death, understand?"

"That's too hard. Why don't we just go back to begging?!"

"Sir, why don't I read your fortune for you?"

"Old Zhang, are you ready?" Not far off, the director's assistant pressed him.

"Alright, alright! I'll get them in position right now!" Zhang Hua replied and looked at those unreliable people helplessly. "Ay, you guys... forget it, forget it. Just give it a try first!"

After Zhang Hua instructed them worriedly, filming finally began and he was already prepared to receive more scoldings.

"3, 2, 1, action!"

After filming started, dozens of masked men started fighting. There were dead bodies sprawled all over the ground and others were simply there to fill up the spaces. Further away from the camera, there were two people who needed a close-up, so it was fairly demanding - they couldn't simply fight half-heartedly.


The shouts of a group of people were accompanied by the sounds of weapons clashing.

Within the crowd, the camera zoomed in on those two people leaping in the air and advancing towards each other. In the next second, there was a loud thump and the cross-dresser landed a punch on the devotee's body, letting out a horrifying sound...

"Swish——" Both of them had their legs out at the same time and fought intensely - they were locked in battle...

All the crew members were dumbfounded as they watched...

They hadn't seen such professional artists for a very long time. Their fight was so realistic, and oh my god, those moves - they could feel the pain even when they were just watching.

Zhang Hua's mouth was almost in the shape of an "O"... This is what they meant by "we don't ever fight"?

Also, are they really fighting or faking it?

Ye Wanwan: "..."

It's just a hundred bucks. They don't have to go all out, do they? I can hear the sounds of their bones ramming against each other even from where I'm standing... do they have some sort of deep hatred for each other or something?

They still dared to tell me they would only accept jobs that pay them billions? Who gave them the guts, huh...

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