Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 705: Considered acquaintances for now

Chapter 705: Considered acquaintances for now

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After Song Jin Lin walked away, Zhang Hua complained helplessly, "We need a couple walk-on artists who are skilled in martial arts for this scene, and I found quite a number of them for director Song, but he wasn't satisfied at all. These artists who play such small roles are mostly amateurs and even if they're professionals, not many of them are trained. How am I going to find artists who have outstanding martial arts skills, eh...?"

Ye Wanwan burst out in laughter when she heard that. It was truly Song Jin Lin's way of doing things - filming a drama series like a movie, insisting on perfection for every frame.

"Ay, director Ye. I can't chat with you anymore; I gotta go find more people! Otherwise, I'm afraid we won't be able to do the finishing touches today..."

"Sure, go on!"

The filming location today was close to an old, dilapidated bridge.

When they arrived on site, the stage production crew was clearing up the place but there seemed to be an issue.

Xiao Chen was quarreling with someone on the bridge.

Once Ye Wanwan took a closer look, she was stunned...

Oh, an acquaintance?

Uh... or rather, they can be considered acquaintances for now...

On the bridge, there was a man dressed in garish colors, disguised as a woman. He was lying on the floor like he didn't have any bones. Next to him was a stretcher with a person lying on it, and a sign was placed next to it: "My husband is terminally ill. Please give us some money for his medical fees, kind soul."

Standing opposite was that Taoist devotee who acted ostentatiously and swindled people.

All three of them were in tattered clothing, no different from beggars.

"I'm sorry, I'm part of the crew and we will be filming under the bridge, so I have to trouble all of you to move away for the time being as we can't have anyone in the vicinity!"

"It's almost the end of the month. We have to report our performance soon and time is money~ hubby, aren't I right?"

The man on the stretcher didn't even move like he could sleep till the end of time.

Of these two people, one of them was clearly a man pretending to be a woman while the other one was obviously feigning sickness - were they really counting on this to get some money? Did they think everyone else was blind?

The corners of Xiao Chen's lips twitched a little; she thought they were just trying to extort some money. She didn't want to continue arguing with these people anyway, so she asked, "How much to make you guys leave?"

When the cross-dresser heard that, he suddenly turned serious. "Hey Miss, please show us some respect. We only accept honest income from for efforts - please don't insult our integrity!"

Black lines covered Xiao Chen's head. "Are you guys looking for trouble on purpose?"

"No, no, a gentleman makes money the right way. Miss, why doesn't this poor devotee read your fortune for you?"

The cross-dresser stood up immediately, pointed at the devotee's nose and raged, "Tsk! Stinking devotee! Why don't you find somewhere else to read fortunes? Why must you steal my business, eh!"

"Bloody vixen, is this your home?"

"Both of you, stop fighting. Are you guys leaving or not?"

"Xiao Chen..."

Xiao Chen was fuming as she tried to make them leave. When she saw Ye Wanwan coming over, her cheeks reddened instantly. "Ye-ge, you're here..."

"What's going on?" Ye Wanwan took a sweeping glance at those people.

Xiao Chen replied in frustration, "We have to shoot here today so I'm clearing the area, but these people won't leave! They're nuts! Were they sent by the production team next door to cause trouble for us?"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

You're overthinking. They're not here to cause trouble...

They're really nuts...

Once the devotee saw Ye Wanwan, his eyes lit up in an instant. "Aiya, Famous Ye..."

Before he was done speaking, she immediately shot an icy glare over.

The devotee shut his mouth obediently with an expression that read: "I got it, I got it."

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