Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 704: The world is beautiful because of you

Chapter 704: The world is beautiful because of you

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There was a dull silence in the car.

The man regained his elusive, distant and mysterious aura once again.

It was as if aside from existing on this planet, this person was completely incompatible with this place.

Ye Wanwan wasn't sure why, but she realized that she didn't like seeing such a cold and empty expression on Si Ye Han's face.

Ye Wanwan smiled and looked at him. "Don't look so glum, come on! What's the big deal? Be a little happier - there are still many beautiful things in this world!"

Si Ye Han's eyes melted into the dark night outside the car windows. "Really?"

Ye Wanwan took out a piece of chocolate from her pocket and gently placed it into his mouth. "Of course!"

The sweetness melted in his mouth, but her smile was sweeter than the chocolate, melting his heart...

Si Ye Han looked down and slowly encircled her into his embrace. "Wanwan, this world... isn't beautiful..."

But because you're here, it is...

Although Si Ye Han didn't say the last phrase, Ye Wanwan roughly figured out what he meant.

In her previous life, Ye Wanwan never really tried to get to know this man; she feared and detested his craziness and perverted desire to control; she hated that she was the one who was confined by him.

That was until she slowly realized that everything he did was solely because she was the only one who existed in his world...

Everything this man did was because he was too afraid of losing her...

But... why...

She was just an ordinary person and had nothing in common with Si Ye Han, so where did his intense feelings towards her come from...?


After the turn in events regarding Gong Xu's bullying incident, Emperor Sky suffered significant damages, and even when Emperor Sky kicked Wan Shanshan out, the media and netizens weren't fools - everyone knew what they were trying to do. Those artists who were involved in the incident were affected as well, and one of the artists who suffered the greatest blow was Ling Shao Zhe. Although he explained that he had no idea Wan Shanshan tripped Luo Chen on purpose, his bossy attitude still toppled his former image, causing many fans to feel disgusted by him.

The fans started to abandon him as they felt they'd been cheated and lied to.

Sometimes, the entertainment industry was like that - you kept molding yourself into a kindhearted and righteous victim, but one day, if you did one bad thing, it would cause an overwhelming disappointment. Just like Gong Xu, who used to be insulted badly in the past, he simply had to do one good deed and everyone changed their opinions about him.

However, at least Ling Shao Zhe had his acting abilities to hold on to. The gossip would fade away after some time and would only affect him marginally afterward.

As for Gong Xu...

Thankfully, each time Ye Wanwan thought about Luo Chen, she felt more at ease...

They were putting the finishing touches on "Terrifying Dragon 2" today, so Ye Wanwan especially made a trip down to the filming site.

The moment she arrived, she saw Song Jin Lin throwing a fit. "What's with all these flowery fists and fancy footwork?! Didn't I ask you to find someone decent?"

"Director, these people are just walk-on artists... it's already considered not bad that they know a few moves... we can't expect them to leap onto roofs and jump over walls, right..." The head received Song Jin Lin's stern gaze and felt guilty immediately. "I'll continue looking right away! I'll continue looking..."

"What's wrong, Zhang-ge?" Ye Wanwan asked casually.

Zhang Hua was the head of all the artists and was in charge of looking for walk-on artists. At this moment, he looked as if he was having a major headache.

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