Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 7: What did you do last night?

Chapter 7: What did you do last night?

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With the help of the soap, the tattoos on her body started to slowly dissolve away.

Ye Wan Wan soaked herself in the warm water, placed a facial mask over her face and shut her eyes for a bit.

When she opened them again, the water in the bathtub had turned black and muddy.

As for her body...

Without the masking effect of the tattoos, her body revealed its original state.

The kind of temporary tattoos she had gotten hadn't damaged her skin. Other than the red crescent-shaped birthmark, her entire body was flawless, just like a piece of jade. Moist and delicate. It was also like snow under the moonlight, white and clear.

Before being reborn, she even went to get a permanent tattoo on impulse. This tattoo stuck with her for 7 whole years. So for these 7 years, she had no clue how her body looked like underneath.

Now that she had seen its original state, even she herself was shocked at how good her skin was.

In addition, she was currently only 20 years old, the age where a girl's complexion is at its best.

After peeling the mask off her face, Ye Wan Wan drained the murky water in the bathtub and washed her body again.

She then changed into a bathrobe and sat in front of the dresser.

The girl in the mirror had ashy brows, a high nose, and delicate lips in a nice natural shade just like beautiful cherry blossoms in March. The most amazing feature was her pair of eyes, just like an autumn lake, shimmering like stars.

Due to her long-term heavy use of makeup, her skin was dry and damaged. But the moisturizing facial mask helped her regain skin as youthful as her body.

However, Ye Wan Wan knew that this was only temporary. Just like all the other beauty procedures, the facial mask could only maintain the skin's condition for a short period, especially those emergency-type facial masks that don't cure the root of the problem but rather offer a temporary solution.

For the skin on her face to completely recover, it still needed more care.

The outrageous hairdo she did at the hair salon also returned to its original state after washing. Her long hair that reached her waist was as black as ink and was let down loosely.

Previously, she snipped off her long hair that was so precious to her, but now that she had it all back...

Ye Wan Wan was so glad she gained back what she had lost. Slowly, she took the wooden comb and combed through the hair she adored.

After drying her hair, Ye Wan Wan looked at the wardrobe filled with strange clothes and began worrying again.

Forget it, I'll head to the cloakroom at level 3 and get a set. It's such a rare chance to be reborn, so why should I make myself uncomfortable?

The entire 3rd storey was a cloakroom. Inside, there were people that Si Ye Han had hired to help her with her wardrobe, accessories, and bags. Although she had never touched any of these items, for 7 years, the items in that cloakroom were always on trend.


In front of the dining table, Si Ye Han was sipping his coffee leisurely.

Due to the lack of sleep, the dark eye circles around the man's eyes were a lot darker. His flawless face looked as if he had sucked the essence of a demon, just lacking the light emitting out of his body.

"Ah Si, hot hot hot..." Lin Que was stunned at what he saw and got scalded by the hot piping coffee.

Si Ye Han's turned to look sceptically at his good friend sitting opposite, who was obviously astonished.

Lin Que still felt that even when this guy made sarcastic remarks at him, he was still very good looking!

Lin Que slammed the coffee he was holding onto the table, "Curses! 9th Si! Be truthful! What did you do last night? Were you reducing yin and nourishing yang?

Translator's Thoughts

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Reducing yin and nourishing yang is an ancient Taoist method to practice austerities. It refers to a male and female making love to reach an equilibrium level of yin and yang.

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