Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 8: Stepped over by her

Chapter 8: Stepped over by her

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Si Ye Han seemed to be in a good mood since he didn't turn hostile after what Lin Que said.

Lin Que cast an eye at his brother with a look that could split the heavens. With an expression of bitter hatred and resentment, he said, "9th brother, with your status, stature, looks and body, have you thought about what kind of woman you want? Why must you degrade yourself like that?"

Ye Wan Wan heard the words of Lin Que while making her way down.

Why did what Lin Que said sound so familiar?

"It's fine if you're curious and want to have a taste of something different. But it has been 2 years. As your brother, I can't tolerate it anymore..."

Lin Que was still nagging at his brother when the listless and inattentive Si Ye Han suddenly tilted his head slightly and directed his gaze upstairs.

Lin Que subconsciously followed Si Ye Han's gaze and looked over.

Immediately, their eyes sparkled with astonishment.

They could see a girl standing upstairs. A girl in a pure white dress, with a slim body. She had long hair reaching her waist, her glances were enticing and her lips were like peaches. She was a real beauty with flesh of ice and bones of jade. Her beauty was out of this world.

This girl was really... unbelievably gorgeous...

The light could not be shielded even from a beast like Si Ye Han.

Lin Que was still dumbfounded by the time Ye Wan Wan walked over to the dining table.

Ye Wan Wan scanned the dining table. Normally, she always sat in the seat furthest away from Si Ye Han. This time, she thought carefully and took the seat next to him instead.

Seeing that the girl had actually sat next to him, Si Ye Han looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes.

Abiding by the principle of 'the lesser you talk, the lesser mistakes you will make', Ye Wan Wan sat down and started eating her breakfast silently.

From the moment she woke up, she had received stares.

She was also quite uncomfortable with the sudden transformation back to her usual self. She wondered what Si Ye Han thought about it.

Anyway, since he didn't even mind her horrendous appearance, why not doll up and make herself feel good?

Ye Wan Wan thought to herself and ate her porridge at ease.

All of a sudden, a slender finger reached towards her face.

Ye Wan Wan tensed up and her whole body froze.

Then, that finger gathered a wisp of hair that nearly fell into the porridge and swept it behind her ear.

Now, Si Ye Han leaned on the chair lazily. Once he was done re-arranging the girl’s hair, he slowly retracted his arm with his gaze fixed on her. With a curious and unperceivable passion, his eyes slowly inspected every inch of the girl’s skin and expression.

Ye Wan Wan heaved a sigh of relief and quickly used a hand to hold up her hair, preventing it from falling again.

At this moment, Lin Que finally came around and gasped excitedly, "9th brother! You have finally thought it through! You should have found someone like that before! Why would you allow that woman to step over you?"

Ye Wan Wan, "...Step over..."

Lin Que also said, "Oh right, where is that ugly woman? Have you chased her out?"

Ye Wan Wan, "...Ugly woman..."

Lin Que said, "Although that Ye Wan Wan didn't look so bad 2 years ago when you guys just started, she was fat! She was at least 150 pounds!"

Ye Wan Wan, "...!!! Nonsense! I was obviously 140! Even though I was greedy and gained tremendous weight during my teens, my weight has never exceeded 150 okay?"

Lin Que, "9th brother, I didn't understand what you saw in her, why would you fall in love with a fatty?"

Ye Wan Wan, "...Fatty..."

Ye Wan Wan couldn't take it anymore!

No woman can tolerate being called fat!


Ye Wan Wan suddenly slammed down the chopsticks that were in her hand, her eyes sending daggers across to Lin Que——

"Lin! Que! So what if I was 150 pounds! So what if I'm fat! It's not like I've eaten your rice!!"

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