Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 6: Be herself again

Chapter 6: Be herself again

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Ye Wan Wan saw Xu Yi's look of surprise.

She opened her mouth to talk but Xu Yi quickly put a finger to his lips to silence her. He then put his palms together to plead her and mouthed: "The 9th Master hasn't slept for 3 days!"

Hadn't slept for 3 days?

Could this be because of her running away?

In the past 2 years, she hadn't given up on running away. This time had been her closest to freedom--just a little more and she would've been able to get on that overseas cruise...

But there was a high price to pay.

Before, although Si Ye Han forced her to stay by his side, he had never touched her. The first time he did was three days ago.

This was why she had believed her disguise to be effective all along.

Just when Xu Yi heaved a sigh of relief, a thunderous ring from the phone resounded throughout the living room, disturbing the silence.

Xu Yi was scared out of his wits and nearly tossed the phone away. He quickly turned it off.

But it was too late.

The devil had been awoken. It slowly opened its eyes, not showing a trace of humanity. It looked towards him with eyes that shot daggers and the colour in Xu Yi's body drained.

Ye Wan Wan was also in a state of shock!

Si Ye Han had a horrendous temper whenever he woke up. If he was disturbed during his sleep, that was akin to the end of the world.

Panicking, Ye Wan Wan stretched out her hands. She covered Si Ye Han's eyes with one hand and tugged his head against her shoulders with the other, whilst caressing his soft hair with her fingers, "It's okay... Go to sleep..."

One second went by...

Two seconds went by...

Three seconds went by...

Si Ye Han did not move.

A while later, Ye Wan Wan carefully removed the hand covering Si Ye Han's eyes. The man had shut his eyes quietly and had fallen into a deep sleep again.

Xu Yi's blood finally started flowing; he had nearly collapsed just now. He looked at Ye Wan Wan with eyes of gratitude.

Ye Wan Wan stayed in the same position the entire night.

Unsure of when she fell asleep, when she awoke, it was already morning. She was lying on the big bed in the master bedroom, with no sign of Si Ye Han in the house.

Ye Wan Wan rubbed her eyes and sat up. The hand she rubbed her eyes with was smeared with eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and glitter eyeshadow.

Every girl wants to look beautiful and would know that sleeping with makeup on damages the skin. But for these past 2 years, she never dared to remove her makeup even before going to bed.

Conversely, now that she knew that her disguise wasn't working, she felt a little freer.

She could finally be herself again...

Ever since she was 18, a flower blossoming age for girls, she had never met anyone without her disguise. She had almost forgotten how she looked like without it.

Firstly, would be the big, bloody, horrific tattoos on her body.

Fortunately, she was afraid of pain so she didn't listen to Shen Meng Qi's advice to get permanent tattoos--the ones on her body could be washed off with soap.

Ye Wan Wan searched high and low and finally found the soap in a box filled with various other things. She brought the detergent, makeup remover, cotton pads and a pack of facial masks that Si Ye Han had given her previously in the bathroom.

She first removed the numerous ear studs and heavy gold earrings, then the dog chain around her neck. Next, she removed her make up. Finally, she poured the soap into the bathtub and soaked her entire body in it..

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