Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 5: An acquired taste

Chapter 5: An acquired taste

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Xu Yi in hiding: "!!!"

Peo... Peony Flower!!!

Damn! This woman is so different today, is she under a spell?"

How can she compare our boss to a peony?!

Boss is handsome, even speaking as a guy. But even though he's really good looking, anyone who knows him well enough, knows how violent he is.

Xu Yi discreetly sneaked glances at his boss, but unfortunately couldn't make out his emotions from those dark eyes.

Is boss... angry or not?

At this moment, Gu Yue Ze looked at the girl who stood in front of him. A girl who was filled with hatred and spoke so viciously. He warned her with the last bit of his patience, "Fine... fine! Since you won't come to your senses, next time you have regrets, don't blame me for not coming to you today! Ye Wan Wan, I've done my best to help you!"

Ye Wan Wan relaxed a little when Gu Yue Ze finally stormed off.

If she had been in her previous life, she'd have to face the wrath of Si Ye Han. However, she managed to change the course of her life this time since Gu Yue Ze had left while Si Ye Han...

Hmm, she wasn't sure when his presence had disappeared.

Did I pass the test?

Si Ye Han's temperament was treacherous and unpredictable so Ye Wan Wan didn't dare let her guard down. After easing her mood, she walked back into the house.

Once she stepped into the living room, that familiar voice penetrated into every pore of her body.

"Come here."

On the sofa, the man's open gaze was like a net, spread wide for her.

Ye Wan Wan stood rooted to the ground.

Even though she'd been reborn, her fear for this man was still buried deep in her bones and would never go away.

But, if she wanted to change her fate, she had to overcome this fear.

Ye Wan Wan dug her nails into her palms to maintain her composure and slowly walked towards him...

As she came closer, she was swept onto the man's lap in a swift second, followed by a sudden pain on her lips——

The thin cold lips pressed down hard against hers and nibbled, not missing an inch...

Ye Wan Wan didn't move. She forced herself not to resist in order to prevent infuriating him.

She couldn't help but think that the lipstick that she'd put on today was wilder than before; she looked as if she'd been poisoned. Didn't the colour hurt his eyes? How could he kiss her so passionately?

She met Si Ye Han when she was 18. For two whole years, she disguised herself with many different personas, thinking that there must be one that would be revolting to him.

She wouldn't have tortured herself to look like this if she'd known better.

After that thought, Ye Wan Wan suddenly came around.

She was actually daydreaming in the arms of Si Ye Han?

Once she came around, she was surprised to feel a weight on her neck. Si Ye Han was hugging her like a pillow and resting his head on her neck. His breath was hot against her neck, coming in long and steady rhythms.

He fell asleep...

How could that be!?

Ye Wan Wan didn't dare make a sound until half an hour later when Si Ye Han was still without movement. She whispered, "Si Ye Han...?"

He didn't react.

He was really asleep!

Not far off, the worried Xu Yi stood by the gate. He witnessed what had happened and was surprised too. His eyes were wide open like he'd seen something unbelievable.

Ye Wan Wan was astonished as well.

She clearly remembered that Si Ye Han had a serious case of insomnia. His body was also more resistant to drugs than ordinary people, so meds weren't effective on him. Each time he wanted to go to bed, he needed a professional psychologist to perform hypnotism.

Worst of all, aside from being abnormal, he had a strong psychological barrier too. So, it was extremely hard for him to be hypnotized. When he was in a bad mood, hypnotism was totally useless.

The Si family hired an innumerable number of well-known doctors for him, but there was no cure.

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