Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 693

Chapter 693: Drastic reversal

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"You hid behind the screen, tapped away on the keyboard and said all kinds of extremely vicious words about a stranger you barely knew and personally destroyed someone else's life just in order to vent, to follow suit with everyone else and maybe even just because of boredom."

"After you found out the truth, you simply brushed it off as a misunderstanding and minor mistake to counteract all you did to an innocent victim - so this is the attitude of the media, huh?"

"All of you shameless media responsible for unrestrained cyber violence - aren't you guys the garbage and scum of society?"

"Could this reporter here and everyone else present today please answer my question!"

Each of Ye Wanwan's words was as sharp as a knife.

"I... I..." The reporter stuttered. He broke out in sweat and couldn't say a word.

There was a dead silence and none of the reporters made a sound.

Gong Xu stared at Ye Bai's face from beginning till end, watching his icy-cold yet extremely reassuring expression, watching him reverse the endless hatred on him all by himself. His heart surged uncontrollably...

Ye Wanwan paused and finally said, "As for the malicious slander against my artist, Gong Xu, Dazzling Media reserves the right to pursue legal action against Wan Shanshan, Ling Shao Zhe and all the other artists from Emperor Sky involved in this incident."

The other higher-ups from Dazzling Media finally returned to their senses at this moment.

"Uh... we will hand over the rest of the matter to the legal department, this... this is the end of today's press conference... if you have any further questions, please arrange another meeting next time..."

"Please leave the venue in an orderly manner, everyone!"

Yang Jin Yuan was stunned and gasped in amazement as he looked at Ye Bai, who was young and even seemed inexperienced.

He never thought Ye Bai could turn the situation around and save Gong Xu; he even left the media speechless.

At this moment, all the other staff members were probably thinking the same thing...

They could already imagine what would happen after today's press conference was posted...

"Our director Ye is too awesome! He actually kept this ultimate move to himself!"

"I understand now - it seems like Emperor Sky was trying to mess with us this time, but in fact, they were all thrashed by our director Ye!"

"Emperor Sky is really unlucky this time - it's definitely over for Wan Shanshan and Ling Shao Zhe will lose his popularity. There were also over ten other artists dragged into this as well!"

"Let's go." Ye Wanwan's eyes turned slightly gentler as she looked at Gong Xu and Luo Chen.

"Oh..." Gong Xu returned to his senses after a very long time. He stood up and followed behind Ye Wanwan obediently while Luo Chen walked next to him with his eyes still fixated on the youth.


That night, the highly anticipated outcome of the press conference on the "Gong Xu bullying" incident was finally revealed.

The entire course of events was uploaded on the Internet.

After the truth was out, the entire Internet was in an uproar.

After the press conference, dozens of newspapers and magazines that originally misled the public and criticized Gong Xu issued apologies which caused a huge sensation across the entire Internet, which had never happened before.

Every article covered the drastic turn of events this time and the headlines looked like: "Cyber violence is a kind of bullying" and "Death of Media: Against bullying but they became the bullies instead." Finally, even the public's opinion of Gong Xu changed completely - the headlines became "Restoring the real Gong Xu" and "Gong Xu: The last clear stream in the entertainment industry"...

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