Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 692: Truth of the matter

Chapter 692: Truth of the matter

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After saying that, Ye Wanwan looked at the computer screen again.

There was a light click of the mouse and this time, she didn't play the video from the middle. Instead, she directly clicked the replay button and played the video from the beginning.

In the video, it was obvious that the setting was still the filming site of "Terrifying Dragon 2." Ling Shao Zhe, Wan Shanshan and a few artists from Emperor Sky were gathered around, gossiping.

During their conversation, they said things like "has-been" and "best kept under the table" to ridicule Luo Chen.

Luo Chen's assistant was about to step forward to interrupt them but Luo Chen stopped her eventually.

Luo Chen didn't say a word and walked towards his own seat. However, at this exact moment...

A red circle appeared in the video, indicating that it was Wan Shanshan's feet. Hence, all the media witnessed that in the next second, Wan Shanshan stretched out her leg on purpose to trip Luo Chen.

The cup of coffee in Luo Chen's hand swayed and accidentally spilled onto Ling Shao Zhe's clothes.

What happened after that... left the agitated media dumbfounded and shocked.

Nobody expected that Luo Chen's explanation on Weibo was true.

Such a short clip revealed a completely different truth.

Nobody thought the truth was actually... like this. Wan Shanshan, who seemed undaunted on the surface, deliberately acted provocative online. All those artists from Emperor Sky who stood up were probably accessories to a tyrant's crime, acting in cahoots with Wan Shanshan. The biggest victim, Ling Shao Zhe, was actually the real bully of this entire incident!

Gong Xu, who was attacked, criticized and insulted by countless netizens, passersby and media, was merely trying to stand up for his colleague and couldn't stand to let Ling Shao Zhe bully others.

Gong Xu's actions were exactly the same, yet everyone felt that he had a big heart after watching it together with the first part of the video.

After the clip ended, the entire hall fell into a pin drop silence and no one made a sound.

Every reporter had reddened faces. They looked at one another and didn't know what to say at all...

They boasted about being righteous and denounced Gong Xu by word and pen for several days, but in the end, they actually got the wrong guy?

On the contrary, the person whom they were protecting was the true shameless villain, the real tyrant who bullied others...

Ye Wanwan's gaze was icy and sharp as she scanned the faces of every reporter present. "This is the so-called victim that all of you were protecting? This is the crusade for justice that all of you were bragging about, huh? This is the explanation all of you wanted! I wonder if everyone is satisfied now?"

Listening to the sharp words spoken by Ye Wanwan, the reporters were embarrassed...

"How... how did this happen..."

*Cough cough* "A misunderstanding... so it was all a misunderstanding..."

The reporter who condemned and cursed Gong Xu and Ye Wanwan earlier stuttered, "But you can't really blame us, right? Who would've known that this would be the truth?! We're just reporters, after all, not the police, right? It's inevitable we made such a mistake..."

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she strode towards that reporter, step by step.

"You... what do you want?" As the reporter felt an intense pressure from her, he was forced to take a step back.

Ye Wanwan glared at the reporter and retorted, "Tsk, not police? Since all of you aren't the police, who are you to replace the police, take over the law, incite the masses, instigate cyber-violence and punish an innocent artist?!"

"Didn't you say very confidently earlier that with great power comes great responsibility?"

"Since this is the case, as the media, all of you control the public's opinion, have the greatest power of speech and even control the future of an artist. Then isn't it your duty and responsibility to seek the truth?"

"But right now, the power of reporters and the media is being used to produce vulgar nonsense to please the crowds and increase views on your sites, a weapon to destroy others!"

"Who gave you the right to do that?"

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