Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 691: Apologize to Gong Xu

Chapter 691: Apologize to Gong Xu

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"Damn! He actually wants Ling Shao Zhe to apologize to Gong Xu? Has he lost his mind? How could someone be so unreasonable?"

"No wonder Ling Shao Zhe didn't even dare to make a sound when he was bullied by Gong Xu - these people are simply too shameless!"

"Even a humble and low profile artist like Ling Shao Zhe was bullied like that. I wonder how others were tyrannized by Gong Xu!"

"I think Luo Chen was definitely forced to protect Gong Xu this time - everybody knows how terrible their relationship is. Gong Xu always bullies Luo Chen, so how is it possible that Luo Chen stood up for Gong Xu?! Tsk, they can't even draft their lies properly! I want to see how this Ye Bai is going to fabricate more lies!"


Following what Ye Wanwan said, the entire hall was in chaos and everyone was criticizing Dazzling Media.

Ye Wanwan didn't say anything more as she sat there indifferently and took out a small USB. She then walked to the stage and inserted the USB into the computer. "Everyone, please take a look at this video clip."

Video clip?

What's Ye Bai planning?

Everyone turned to the screen immediately.

"Who knows?! Let's just watch!"

"I don't think he can still wriggle his way out of this one now!"


Ye Wanwan skipped to roughly the middle of the video before pressing play and the video started playing on the big screen in front of everyone.

"GONG XU! What are you doing?!"

"Now, this outfit belongs to me. Young master here is splashing coffee on my own outfit - is it any of your business? What are you yelling for?"


"Eh? What about me? Didn't you say we just have to pay up? What are you waiting for? Take it off! Is young master's outfit so comfortable, huh?"


The video that was playing was from when Gong Xu was bullying other artists that day, the video Wan Shanshan posted on Weibo.

Watching this clip ignited fury in everyone once again.

"What's this manager Ye trying to do? Isn't bullying enough? She still wants all of us to recall how shameless her artist is, huh?"

"What's the meaning of this? Why did you make us watch the video Wan Shanshan posted again? Who wants to see that disgusting face of Gong Xu?!"

Many reporters were angered, but there was a group of experienced reporters who realized that something didn't seem right. "Weird, this video... doesn't seem to be the one Wan Shanshan posted..."

"How is it different? Isn't it the same? It's exactly the same, eh!"

"Look carefully - the content is the same, but the angle is different - this video was taken by a different person. Also, why did Ye Bai choose to play it from the middle?" An old reporter was suspicious.

"Maybe there was someone else at the scene who recorded it as well but was obstructed by Gong Xu's tyrannical abuse, so he or she didn't dare to post it. What's so weird about it?"


Shortly after, the video stopped playing.

Ye Wanwan's gaze scanned across everyone present. "It was this video that caused Gong Xu to be pinned on the hanging post for being 'despicable.' After that, Wan Shanshan, Ling Shao Zhe and all the other Emperor Sky artists who were present had their so-called irrefutable testimonies obliterating all our explanations before the earth-shattering curses and online violence started to rain down on Gong Xu!"

Ye Wanwan paused before she continued, "But what is the truth of the matter? Almost nobody bothered to pursue it and because everyone assumed he was heinous, he must actually be heinous, right? You thought this must be the truth!"

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