Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 690: Seek justice

Chapter 690: Seek justice

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Gong Xu's fist was so tightly clenched that it creaked. He took a deep breath and retracted his fist in the end. He threw that man on the ground before returning to Ye Wanwan's side without a word.

Seeing Gong Xu was interrupted, all the media present were disappointed...

At the same time, everybody turned their attention to the manager next to Gong Xu.

Where did this person come from? He actually managed to pull Gong Xu back from a situation like that...

The media seemed to have found a new explosive topic.

One reporter spoke up instantly, "Director Ye, could I ask you a question?"

Ye Wanwan responded, "Go ahead."

The reporter's words were sharp. "Director Ye, you shared Gong Xu's post on Weibo last night at 8, indicating that you're with him - does this mean you agree and support Gong Xu's actions?"

Gong Xu stared ominously at Ye Wanwan's injured arm. When he heard the reporter's question, implicating Ye Bai, he furrowed his brows and his expression darkened further.

Ye Wanwan's expression remained the same and she gave a simple and firm answer: "Yes."

The reporter sneered. "Truly, birds of the same feather flock together. No wonder Gong Xu chose you to be his manager - both of you are just jackals of the same tribe, huh? You betrayed your professionalism and morals for money and power. Is this how you should work as a manager?"

The other reporters chimed in as well. "Being Gong Xu's lackey, are you able to face your conscience?"

"Since you're Gong Xu's manager, don't hide in the dark and remain silent. Please account for Gong Xu's actions to the media, the fans, and the public! Seek justice for the victim!"


Gong Xu balled his fists up and roared in a fury, "Stop trying to fan the flames here! Let me give a word of warning to all of you here - this incident had nothing to do with anyone else! Just come at me alone!"

Gong Xu wanted to continue but Ye Wanwan placed her arm over his shoulder and stopped him. Then she stood up slowly.

All the cameras pointed at Ye Wanwan when she suddenly stood up.

Is Gong Xu's manager prepared to apologize on behalf of Gong Xu?

Usually, when artists didn't cooperate, their managers would have to step forward.

After all, things had already escalated to this point and if they still choose not to apologize, it was akin to waiting for death.

With everyone's attention on her, Ye Wanwan's cold gaze swept past every single person present and she said, making sure to enunciate each word carefully, "Just now, a reporter brought up seeking justice and holding Gong Xu accountable. That's right, for today's press conference, I am going to seek justice. I would like to request Wan Shanshan and Ling Shao Zhe from Emperor Sky Entertainment and all the artists involved to account for their actions and apologize to Gong Xu!"

The moment Ye Wanwan's words fell, there was a pin-drop silence in the entire hall.

Every media outlet was in disbelief.

What did Gong Xu's manager say...?

He wants to seek justice? He wants Wan Shanshan and Ling Shao Zhe to account for their actions?

He actually wants someone else to apologize to Gong Xu?

Is this person insane?

Yang Jin Yuan was in shock as well. He was hopping mad as he looked at Ye Wanwan who acted on her own initiative and protested softly, "Ye Bai, are you nuts?! What nonsense are you saying! Shut your trap!"

Not only were the media, Yang Jin Yuan and the higher-ups in shock, but Gong Xu was in a daze as well.

If Ye Bai gave in to pressure today, he'd have nothing to say, but he didn't expect Ye Bai would actually say something like this...

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