Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 689: Come back

Chapter 689: Come back

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Gong Xu's words left the entire place in total silence...

The media initially thought Gong Xu would give in to the pressure this time, but little did they expect that Gong Xu would actually have this attitude.

Ye Wanwan's brows raised subtly.

She had to admit that this rich second generation kid was really quite manly at this moment...

Gong Xu was always in the spotlight as a natural star, but his temperament was fragile and not suited to be in the industry.

What he needed was balance...

As his manager, she wished she could become that source of balance for him...

Luo Chen's gaze was complicated as he looked at Gong Xu. Even though he disagreed with many of Gong Xu's actions, he admired and yearned for his wanton and fearless character.

As Gong Xu's words caused an explosion in the media, it also stirred up more excitement.

Gong Xu certainly didn't let them down!

Following that, the press' questions came pelting down like hailstones one after another.

"Great young master Gong's nature is truly an eye-opener. Does this mean you don't think you've done anything wrong since you've vehemently objected to apologizing?"

"Gong Xu, in your eyes, do you think those people in the lower class who slog through life in order to survive are just like ants to wealthy people like you and deserved to be trampled on and tortured?"

"With great power comes great responsibility - the more capable you are, the more responsibilities you have. This is the correct principle to follow, but it's people like you who are occupying the top spots in society now. You are a real drain and pest of society!"

Seeing the crowd getting more and more out of control, Yang Jin Yuan's face darkened...

Seems like we won't be able to keep Gong Xu anymore...

Just as the media was bombarding Gong Xu, an enraged fan emerged from the crowd and charged towards Gong Xu. "GONG XU! YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE! A MONSTER FROM THE SEWERS!"

"What's going on?! Stop him!" Yang Jin Yuan bellowed.

The bodyguards rushed forward, but because of the crowd and the fan's enormous strength, he actually managed to reach Gong Xu.

A cold light flashed. The fan had a small knife on him and with his emotions out of control, he jumped on Gong Xu. Screams were heard everywhere and the place was in total chaos.

Just as the fan's knife flied towards Gong Xu's face, Ye Wanwan moved swiftly. Her arm swung across at lightning speed and she protected Gong Xu behind her while the fan fell and the bodyguards pressed him to the ground.

However, in the midst of the ruckus, Ye Wanwan's arm got cut while protecting Gong Xu. Fresh red blood stained her white suit instantly.

"YE-GE!!!" Gong Xu looked at the cut on Ye Wanwan's arm. His eye socket cracked and like a furious wild beast, he kicked the chair over and sprinted towards the man. "DAMN YOUR M*THER!"

Gong Xu grabbed the fan by his collar, raised his fist and was about to rain punches on his face...

Every media outlet present immediately picked up their cameras, eager to enjoy this big show.

"Gong Xu."

An icy voice rang out behind him faintly, calling Gong Xu's name. Gong Xu immediately stopped his craziness.

However, his breathing was messy and heavy. He still gripped onto that fan's hand tightly, clearly on the edge of losing control and flying into a rage.

Ye Wanwan wrapped her arm with a bandage provided by staff and said slowly, "Come back."

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