Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 688: Who gave you the confidence

Chapter 688: Who gave you the confidence

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Initially, he assumed that as long as Gong Xu didn't have his family backing him, he would definitely cower, but who knew that this guy would be so stubborn and unbeatable...

Yang Jin Yuan gritted his teeth and a hint of gloominess appeared in his eyes. If things really turned ugly today, Dazzling could only get rid of Gong Xu and cut all ties with him...

This Ye Bai really didn't grasp the severity of the issue - he was still letting Gong Xu do whatever he wanted at a time like this and thought Gong Xu was still as well-regarded as he was in the past; he acted like there wouldn't be any consequences even if Gong Xu launched himself into the sky.

Without the Gong family backing him, Gong Xu was merely a paper tiger.

The day of the press conference marked five days since Wan Shanshan first posted that video on Weibo.

The entire incident happened because Gong Xu went to the filming site of "Terrifying Dragon 2" and bumped into his enemy, Ling Shao Zhe. Gong Xu was the one who dirtied Ling Shao Zhe's clothes, but in the end, he didn't apologize at all and even used his riches to insult him. He publicly poured coffee all over Ling Shao Zhe and used all kinds of verbal insults.

There were three distinct types of netizens: the first kind hated the rich, the second kind sympathized with the weak and the third kind were angry youths.

When a spiteful person incited strong emotions in these groups, it could cause terrible violence.

And for Gong Xu's case, all three of these groups were active in bashing him. There was no need to fan the flames at all - a simple video would be enough to push him to where the wind and waves were strongest, making all the netizens condemn him.

The past few days, there was an overwhelming number of posts with sensational titles such as "Stop Bullying in the Entertainment Industry," "Gong Xu's Sociopathic Behavior," and "Banish the Scum of the Entertainment Industry."

At first, Gong Xu was just a brash and arrogant young man with tons of scandals that were normally considered small-scale, but today, this scandal was a clash of social classes, attracting the resentment of the entire country.

Gossip was a fearful thing. With such ongoing discussions, Gong Xu might be kicked out of showbiz, and his future could also be affected.

Those seemingly invisible and harmless words were no less than the actions of a bloodthirsty slaughterer.

Outside the hotel, angry fans and crowds held banners and surrounded the entire place. A few of Gong Xu's residences had also fallen into their hands and the headlines on all the gossip magazines along every street related to this incident.

As the primary battlefield, the Internet was permeated by smoke - Gong Xu's personal Weibo was filled with insults, his personal homepage was blackened, he received death threats and his fan groups and forums were bombarded with messages. Those who incited cyber violence didn't leave waste any opportunity to attack him...

And at the same time, at the hotel, the press were using their pens as knives and each one of them was eager to carve a chunk of meat off Gong Xu...

Reporter: "Gong Xu, as we all know, the feud between you and Ling Shao Zhe has been long-standing; Ling Shao Zhe maintains a low-profile and has never instigated a dispute with you. This time, it was just a small conflict in the beginning, yet you trampled and wantonly insulted his dignity. You were also unapologetic for your wrongdoings as you have a strong backing - I would like to know just who gave you that unrestrained confidence, huh! Is it the company behind you or your backing, Grand Million Group?!"

It was clear that the reporters wanted to start a war and implicate Dazzling as well as the Gong family in order to intensify the issue.

"Ha..." Gong Xu let out a chuckle. When he lifted that domineering face of his, he made sure to speak every single word clearly:

"Who gave me the confidence? I, Gong Xu, am letting you know that even if my old man cuts ties with me, even if the company kicks me out, even if I'm left with no fans at all, I'll still say the same thing: Want me to apologize? Sure, IN THE NEXT LIFE!"

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