Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 694: Have some sense of shame!

Chapter 694: Have some sense of shame!

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Previously, there was already quite a number of incidents like this - netizens were misled by false information and started wars. After the truth came to light, it was usually too late to reverse the damage done to the victim.

This time, because of Gong Xu's fame and influence, the incident had huge repercussions.

The entire Internet launched into a discussion and everybody reflected on it.

The terrible thing about cyber violence was that nobody cared about the truth. The "acts of righteousness" committed by those unclear about the truth were more dreadful than real evildoers.

Please do not comment on things you don't know because what you see may not be the whole truth.

The public's opinion would never represent the truth.

At the same time, Gong Xu's reputation had been reversed overnight and Dazzling Media's reputation improved greatly...

Meanwhile, Emperor Sky Entertainment landed in hot water.

In Emperor Sky's conference room, the PR director, Jiang Hua Sen, was enraged and thundered, "WAN SHANSHAN, YOU IDIOT! What were you thinking?! Over ten artists from Emperor Sky were dragged down by you this time! Forget about all you B and C list artists - Shao Zhe was implicated as well! What should we do now, huh?!"

"Jiang... Director Jiang... I... I didn't know... I didn't know that Ye Bai would have the full video..." Tears covered Wan Shanshan's face and her shoulders shuddered. She was cursing Ye Bai a million times over in her heart. These people praised me when I posted the video that time and even used every method to add fuel to the fire, but now they're actually pushing all the blame onto me?

But she couldn't say a word. She turned to the top managers and begged, "Sis Zhang, director Jiang, please help me. I only posted that video to stand up for Shao Zhe!"

The man's face was gloomy. There was no way he could keep Wan Shanshan anymore. As for Ling Shao Zhe, he could only get him to say that he didn't know anything and force Wan Shanshan to take the fall.

He had to reduce the impact as much as possible, otherwise, he wouldn't know how to answer chairman Gu and director Ye.

Jiang Hua Sen came to a decision very swiftly. "Wan Shanshan, because of your personal grudge, you incited trouble on purpose then lied to your colleagues and slandered Gong Xu. Go and issue an apology right now and announce your withdrawal from showbiz forever!"

"Wh-what!" Wan Shanshan's expression changed and she screamed.

She was merely a C-list actress and in a situation like this, she would definitely be the one sacrificed - she should've known this.

Wan Shanshan was finally terrified. Facing the indifferent gazes of the higher-ups, she panicked and rushed over to Ling Shao Zhe. "Shao Zhe... Shao Zhe, help me... you must help me! I did it for you..."

Ling Shao Zhe scrolled through the overwhelming amount of criticism on his phone and was already very frustrated, so when he heard what Wan Shanshan said, he exploded in fury instantly, "GET LOST! You were the one who acted on your own initiative and dragged me into this mess - what does your fate have to do with me?!"


A black car drove steadily on the road.

Ye Wanwan, Gong Xu and Luo Chen just ended their meeting at the office. Dong Zai was driving and on the passenger seats, Ye Wanwan sat in the middle, while on her left was Luo Chen and on her right was Gong Xu, who was busy scrolling through Weibo.

"Gong Xu, the last clear stream in the entertainment industry! Gong Xu, a true hero! Ah, Gong Xu, you're the purest, the most genuine, the most flamboyant, the cutest..."

Gong Xu scanned through the posts and just had to read the shameless praise out loud. He rolled around in his seat excitedly. "Young master (I) has never been complimented this way before, aiya, so young master is actually so lovable eh? Certainly, you'll definitely shine if you're gold, hehehe..."

Ye Wanwan really didn't want to admit that the idiot next to her was her artist: "..."

Where's your sense of shame?

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