Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 684: Let me give you a kiss

Chapter 684: Let me give you a kiss

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Like a thief, Gong Xu slowly leaned towards the man resting on the sofa...

I just have to...

I just have to give it a go... and it'll be done...

But the moment he approached, Ye Wanwan suddenly opened her eyes.

Gong Xu immediately stood up straight with a swish. "Ye... Ye-ge!"

Ye Wanwan placed the document in her hands down and shifted her eyes to the sofa beside her. "Come, take a seat."

Gong Xu remained motionless and stood rooted at the same spot. He said sternly, "Ye-ge, I have a request and you have to agree to it!"

Ye Wanwan raised her brows. "What is it?"

Gong Xu said firmly, "May I kiss you?!"

Dong Zai, who was by the side: "...!!!"

Damn! What did I just hear?

I think I'm probably deaf!

When Ye Wanwan heard his request, a dangerous light flashed in her eyes. She glanced at Gong Xu with a fake smile and said slowly, "Are you trying to court death?"

Gong Xu felt as if a cupid's arrow shot through his heart. He clutched his chest and wailed. "Ouch! Ye-ge, don't do this! Don't look at me with that expression! Don't talk to me with that tone!"

It's simply too... too much!

"Ye-ge, you look too similar to Little Candied Plum; whenever I look at you, I accidentally see you as Little Candied Plum. It's as if I'm turning gay..."

Dong Zai: "..."


I practically just found out some earth-shattering news!

Could this artist be any more immoral?

Gong Xu mumbled, "Luckily, I kissed Tang Xing Huo last night and it made me extremely nauseous which proves I'm still straight, but Ye-ge, once I see you, my heart still jumps recklessly like a little deer! It's so stupid! As long as you let me give you a kiss and if I feel disgusted, I won't have to worry anymore!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Suddenly, I feel a little sympathetic towards Tang Xing Huo...

Gong Xu tried bargaining, "Then... why doesn't Ye-ge let me meet Little Candied Plum once! Once I see Little Candied Plum, I won't have this misperception anymore for sure!"

Ye Wanwan was about to speak but she was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Director Ye, Xu-ge, it's time for the meeting."

Ye Wanwan: "Got it. We'll be there soon."

Ye Wanwan casually glanced at Gong Xu. "You want me to agree to your request?"

Gong Xu's eyes lit up and he nodded continuously.

Ye Wanwan stood up, straightened her lapel and gave him a sidelong glance. "Sure, as long as both your legs are strong enough."

As in, if I'm not afraid of getting my legs broken...

Gong Xu immediately felt a chill down his spine and his calves started to tremble. "..."

In the conference room:

All the higher-ups in Dazzling Media were present.

In the middle seat was the general manager, Yang Jin Yuan. Seated on his left was Ye Wanwan followed by Gong Xu.

Yang Jin Yuan's expression was solemn. "What is the PR department doing? Up till now, they still haven't gotten the situation under control and instead, the matter is getting worse!"

The director of PR felt resentful. He snuck a glance at Gong Xu who was sitting there with his legs crossed like a great master. "Mr. Yang, we've tried our best to keep the matter under control and deleted all the relevant posts. We've done everything we could, but... but Gong Xu kept quarreling with the netizens online last night... it's simply... too hard to deal with..."

A weak teammate does you more harm than a strong enemy.

We worked so hard and finally managed to keep the matter under control, but a simple comment from Gong Xu invited another slew of scoldings once again - we're all going crazy, alright?

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