Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 683: Distorted heartbeat

Chapter 683: Distorted heartbeat

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Ye Wanwan was taking a shower when her phone was flooded with countless messages till her battery died.

When she opened one of the links, a video popped out immediately.

The video was quite shakey and noisy, and the scene was in complete chaos.

In the crowd of black shadows, Gong Xu's fluorescent blue flight jacket was exceptionally striking.

"That's right, young master is a bigger shot than him, Ling Shao Zhe!"

"Yeah, young master is a big bully - so what? Bite me then!"

"Ai yo, come at me. Throw that eh, aim it right here. Come come come..."

"They don't have to think about leaving..."

Ye Wanwan didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she heard that last sentence.

He doesn't hide immediately when he runs into the media and instead, he acts like a big bully and stops them from leaving - I'm afraid in the entire entertainment industry, Gong Xu is the only one who does this...

Her phone rang continuously like it was pressing her to death. It was a call from Gong Xu's assistant, Dong Zai.

Ye Wanwan answered. "Hello?"

Dong Zai sounded like he was on the verge of crying. "Ye-ge, I'm so sorry, we bumped into the media and fans at the entrance and I wasn't watching Gong Xu closely. He..."

Ye Wanwan replied, "I already saw the video."

Dong Zai: "Ye-ge, what should we do now? I really can't stop him!"

Ye Wanwan already expected this to happen. "Don't worry, let him be."

Dong Zai was stunned. "Huh? Let him be? How can we do that?! Ye-ge, are you sure?"

"Are you able to stop him?" Ye Wanwan replied with a question.

Dong Zai didn't have any rebuttal. "I... I can't."

Ye Wanwan: "So, do you still have any questions?"

Dong Zai: "No..."

Dong Zai hung up in a daze.

What kind of bosses am I working for?

Why are they becoming more and more unconventional one after another?

Ye Wanwan browsed on the internet. It was filled with gossip and news regarding Gong Xu.

There weren't many people who were able to commit such a terrifying "massacre" in the entertainment industry.

Gong Xu's temperament was too unique, so he was always in the middle of gossip and was the focus of the crowd - he was a natural star.

Such an assertive character, if not controlled or guided, would be fatal to him, just like it was now.

However, as long as PR was done right, no one could be as popular, had the capacity, nor was as talked about as him in the entire industry. Then he'd be the king of popularity.

Initially, taking over Gong Xu was just an unplanned move, but Ye Wanwan had become quite interested in this challenge now...


The next morning.

Dazzling Media, Ye Wanwan's office:

Ye Wanwan was dealing with some matters for a bit and felt a little tired. She supported her head with one hand and lay down on the sofa to take a power nap.

At this moment, her office door was slammed open with a loud "bang."

Gong Xu charged inside in a fury while Dong Zai staggered behind. "Xu-ge, slow down! Slow down..."

"Damn it, I want to get rid of Ling Shao Zhe. There can only be one of us in the entertainment industry! Ye-ge, go tell management that I would like to get rid of Ling Shao Zhe! As long as the tiger doesn't show its power, he treats me like a sick cat, huh? He actually dared to step over my head! He wants to play, huh! Young master, I, shall play till his death..."

Gong Xu exploded like a firecracker but halfway through, he suddenly noticed the youth resting on the sofa.

The sunlight filtered through the windowpanes and danced on the youth's peaceful and beautiful face. Gong Xu went silent all of a sudden...



His heart started beating recklessly once again.

Damn! St*pid heart! You're not done, huh!

No way, I need to get an answer by today! I have to prove to myself that I'm definitely not gay!

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