Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 682: Unconventional

Chapter 682: Unconventional

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In the driver's seat, the little assistant, Dong Zai, was in a difficult position and was trying to think of a way to escape. Tang Xing Huo continued persuading Gong Xu earnestly. "Gong Xu, I'm not trying to scare you, but Emperor Sky is obviously trying to mess with you this time - almost half of the people from the entertainment industry's shared the post and this issue is getting more serious, you..."

"Your father! Young master (I) has waited over a year for this sports car. It has 900 horsepower, goes from 0 to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds, has a speed limit of 350km/h with a top speed of 384km/h, and the glass is a work of art... try hitting my little baby again if you dare! Sh*t! Still hitting, huh! Young master will fight all of you..."

Tang Xing Huo nearly broke down. "Brat, are you even listening to what I'm saying? What are you even focusing on? Hey, hey, hey, don't... don't get out of the car! Gong Xu, you're nuts...

Tang Xing Huo couldn't stop him at all and could only watch as Gong Xu got out of the car even in such a situation.

The moment Gong Xu got out, it was like splashing cold water in an oil pan - the media immediately rushed to him wildly and started asking questions one after another like pelting hailstones.

Reporter: "Gong Xu! May I know if you have anything to say regarding the incident of you acting like a big shot and splashing coffee directly on Ling Shao Zhe?"

Gong Xu lifted his chin, revealing his refined, handsome and domineering face. "That's right, young master is a bigger shot than him, Ling Shao Zhe!"

Reporter: "Bullying others like that - don't you think you went too far?"

Gong Xu's lips curled back, revealing his cold and threatening teeth. "Yeah, young master is a big bully - so what? Bite me then!"

Reporter: "So you're not going to apologize to Ling Shao Zhe?"

Gong Xu raised his brows. "Ha, apologize? Young master will splash coffee on that dumba**, Ling Shao Zhe, each time I see him! Get him to fight me if he dares!"


Hearing Gong Xu's words, the fans and bystanders exploded in fury and charged towards him violently. "Gong Xu, go to hell! You're a scum in the community! Tumor! Leave the entertainment industry!"

Gong Xu raised his brows and straightened his shirt. "Ai yo, come at me. Throw that, aim it right here. Young master's shirt isn't some cheap stuff like Ling Shao Zhe's - a small piece of this fabric is worth a million. Go ahead and throw! COME AT ME! Come come come..."

Tang Xing Huo: "..."

Dong Zai: "..."

The two of them watched helplessly as Gong Xu headed straight into the jeering crowd and unleashed his ego...

Dong Zai was so anxious that he nearly cried. "Xing-ge, what should we do now? You better stop Gong-ge - we can't let him continue like this..."

Tang Xing Huo looked at the outstanding hero before him verbally sparring with others. "You think I can stop him?"

Those reporters assigned to follow Gong Xu were the happiest - they never lacked explosive content and topics to publish...

It went without saying what the hottest gossip would be the next day.

Tang Xing Huo squeezed into the crowd and used tremendous effort to pull Gong Xu out. "Brat, that's enough, that's enough. Stop yelling!"

"Why should I?! Unless they clean my car!" Gong Xu's mind was focused only on his baby sports car.

Tang Xing Huo gritted his teeth. "I'll clean it! I'll get someone to clean it for you, alright?! Can we go back inside now?!"

Gong Xu stood in front of everyone boldly. "No way! Whoever dirtied my car will clean it up for me! If they don't clean it up today, they don't have to think about leaving! Young master isn't done with you guys!"

Everyone: "..."

When stars encountered such a situation where they were surrounded, they were usually in a state of panic and couldn't wait to escape, but Gong Xu, on the other hand, wouldn't let the media leave...

He was really unconventional...

Truly an exotic flower in the entertainment industry...

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