Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 681: There must be something fishy

Chapter 681: There must be something fishy

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The car drove smoothly on the road but Gong Xu's mood was similar to a roller coaster ride.

In the back seat, Gong Xu was close to breaking down and he started talking to himself. "SH*T! Is there really something wrong with me? Am I just overthinking? This young master here has been very skilled in dating since the age of three - how could I possibly be mistaken about such things? There must be something fishy going on between Ye-ge and that facial paralysis man! Yes, there must be something!"

Tang Xing Huo, who was timidly sitting close to the window, asked meekly, "Can I say something?"

Gong Xu snapped at him, "Shoot!"

Tang Xing Huo said, "I just wanted to say that whether Ye-ge likes men or women, why does it matter to you? You absolutely don't need to... be so frustrated about it..."

The moment Tang Xing Huo's words fell, Gong Xu's face froze.

That's right...

What does Ye Bai's sexual orientation have to do with me and why do I care so much?

Gong Xu tried to tell himself that he didn't care and it was just because Ye Bai was the older brother of his Little Candied Plum that he was paying more attention to him.

However, there was a constant replay of the scene from that night in his mind - the image of Ye Bai draping the coat over the man's shoulders and putting the shawl around him...

And the way Ye Bai was looking at that man's face...

Tang Xing Huo saw the perplexed look on Gong Xu's face and mumbled, "Unless... you're..." really gay...

Gong Xu lowered his voice. "Unless I'm what?"

Tang Xing Huo obviously didn't dare to speak his mind. He shook his head and said firmly, "Nothing! Nothing nothing!"

Gong Xu's stared ferociously at Tang Xing Huo. His gaze was as piercing as an x-ray.

Tang Xing Huo's hair stood on end from the stare and he covered his mouth in panic.

There's no way, right? Don't tell me he wants to do THAT again?

Driver, stop the car! Stop the car!

I want to get off!

Tang Xing Huo originally planned on staying over at Gong Xu's villa tonight, but judging by the current situation, it was too dangerous to stay with him.

When the car finally approached the villa, Tang Xing Huo immediately wanted to hop out without delay, but just as he was about to get off, he suddenly realized something didn't seem right.

The villa was surrounded by a mass of people outside. There were reporters carrying cameras and their microphones along with countless fans holding up LED banners...

The banner clearly read, "Gong Xu, leave the entertainment industry" and "Gong Xu, apologize to Ling Shao Zhe"...

The moment Gong Xu's car appeared in everyone's sight, they began banging on his windows and rotten eggs and vegetables were constantly thrown at the car.

Gong Xu's mood tonight was already bad, and at this moment, he burst out in a rage. "F*ck! This is young master's new sports car!"

Tang Xing Huo furrowed his brows. "Other than a couple of close acquaintances, nobody knows about this villa of yours - who leaked that information?"

"Who else!" Gong Xu sneered.

"Anyway, just lie low till everything blows over," Tang Xing Huo said.

It had only been a few hours since Wan Shan Shan posted the video on Weibo, but the incident had already been made known to the entire industry and Internet. Even the mainstream media began to join in the crusade and escalated the problem to the issue of an artist's moral conduct, social class, and other sensitive issues...

Although Gong Xu had a strong backer, things could become tricky if this issue got too messy and the related departments for the aforementioned issues got involved...

If they continued to escalate the problem, Gong Xu might even really have to leave the industry...

Tang Xing Huo's eyes swept across the crazy media and fans outside the window. "Gong Xu, you really went a little too far this time. I think you better apologize. Otherwise, I'm afraid it'll be too hard to clear the mess if things get out of hand."

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