Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 680: You two big fat liars!

Chapter 680: You two big fat liars!

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After seeing this scene, Gong Xu felt as if he was struck by lightning and looked as if he wanted to lodge a complaint as he glared at Han Xian Yu and Luo Chen.

LIARS! You two big fat liars! You guys teamed up to lie to me!

Didn't the two of you say that Ye-ge liked women?

Then tell me! Tell me what this situation is - WHAT IS IT??!!

Why's there a wild man coming out of nowhere?!

Ye Wanwan naturally noticed their reactions, but after she considered the outcome if she retracted her hand at this moment, she decided to go with the wiser decision of not moving.

Ye Wanwan glanced at Luo Chen, Gong Xu, and the others from the corners of her eyes then she looked up at Si Ye Han helplessly and said, "Baby, can you give me some face in front of my artists?"


Si Ye Han revealed a look of suspicion.

After giving it some thought, Si Ye Han assumed Ye Wanwan was worried about being misunderstood and didn't want him to act too close to her in front of people from her company. His eyes turned cold but at the same time, he released her hand.

Ye Wanwan smiled and didn't offer an explanation.

In the next second, she removed his coat and tossed it lightly back to Si Ye Han. After that, she removed the shawl around her neck and twirled it twice around Si Ye Han's neck tightly. Ye Wanwan giggled and spoke at a volume that was only audible to the two of them: "What I meant was that even if we create some misunderstanding, I should be the dominant one at least, eh! If my artists think I'm a pushover, wouldn't I lose face?"

Si Ye Han: "..."

One of the men smiled gently. He looked absolutely stunning like an elegant prince who lived with riches and honor while the other was extremely cold like pure white snow that covered mountaintops, unaffected by troubles of everyday life. They seemed completely incompatible on the surface, yet they still looked so harmonious. Standing together, they were as beautiful as a painting...

Moreover, there seemed to be an ambiguous relationship between them...

Not far off, Luo Chen, Han Xian Yu, Gong Xu, and Tang Xing Huo had perplexed looks on all their faces.

If that was a scene of a guy and a girl, it was definitely a beautiful and warm image with a ton of dog food. But right now, it was two big men. Isn't there... something wrong with this?

Tang Xing Huo swallowed and leaned over carefully. "Ay, who was that guy just now? How's he related to Ye-ge? Why do I feel like something... isn't right? Could it be... my misperception..."

Gong Xu exploded immediately and quickly charged towards Han Xian Yu and Luo Chen. "So this is what you guys meant by Ye-ge liking women?"

Han Xian Yu and Luo Chen looked at each other.

After that, Luo Chen said, "Is there a problem?"

The veins on Gong Xu's forehead protruded. "You're asking me if there's a problem? Didn't you see it for yourself just now?"

Luo Chen replied indifferently, "So what if I saw it? It's just two regular friends getting along."

As for Luo Chen, who had already seen Ye Bai pouncing on Si Ye Han on the sofa before, he found it perfectly normal when Si Ye Han placed a coat over Ye Bai's shoulders and touched his hand a little.

"Perfectly normal? Are you blind?" Gong Xu grumbled then turned to Han Xian Yu. "Xian Yu-ge, do you think it's normal too?"

Han Xian Yu rubbed his nose. "It should be... nothing, huh..."

After all...

Han Xian Yu had seen more than Luo Chen - he even witnessed 9th Si kissing Ye Bai...

In the end, Gong Xu was the only one left confused in this crazy mess...

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