Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 679: The real love rival...

Chapter 679: The real love rival...

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It was a cold and drizzly night, similar to how Gong Xu was feeling.

He realized this feeling was as if he was... falling passionately in love...

With that thought, his blood ran cold and he couldn't help but feel horrified by his own thoughts.

Sh*t, falling in love?

That's nuts! I fell in love with a man?

But... I haven't been in love before and am just an inexperienced young guy. Gong Xu didn't understand why he was reacting this way which was why he was terrified!

No way, I'll go crazy if this goes on!

Should I... should I try kissing Ye-ge?

If it's as disgusting as kissing Tang Xing Huo, it'll put my mind at ease for sure...

Gong Xu had these nonsensical thoughts in his mind when Ye Wanwan asked, "You want to ask me about Little Candied Plum, don't you?"

"Ah? What?" At this moment, Gong Xu had long forgotten about Little Candied Plum.

Ye Wanwan felt that something really wasn't right with Gong Xu tonight, so she looked at Gong Xu suspiciously.

Sensing Ye Wanwan's stare, Gong Xu became increasingly anxious. All of a sudden, Ye Wanwan saw a black car approaching from the corners of her eyes and it slowly stopped by the side of the road.

It was Si Ye Han's car.

Ye Wanwan then looked away from Gong Xu and turned in the other direction.

The car door opened and a long leg emerged slowly, followed by a tall, cold figure. He made his way towards the dazzling lights of the bar from the dark and quiet night.

Step by step, he walked to Ye Wanwan and stood there.

Han Xian Yu's eyes constricted instantly when he saw him.

The friend Ye Bai mentioned just now was actually 9th Si.

"Mr. Si, we meet again!" Han Xian Yu greeted him.

Si Ye Han looked indifferently at Han Xian Yu and replied with a slight nod.

Although Luo Chen had only met Si Ye Han once, he had a deep impression of him. Previously, Si Ye Han kissed Ye Bai right in front of him and Han Xian Yu; he was beyond terrified at that point in time...

Seeing that Si Ye Han had arrived, Ye Wanwan waved. "Xian Yu, my friend is here. I'll take my leave first!"

"Sure, take care."

"Luo Chen, is Xiao Qing here yet?" Ye Wanwan looked at Luo Chen.

Luo Chen: "In five minutes' time."

"Alright." Ye Wanwan nodded and turned to Gong Xu. "Gong Xu, wait for the driver to come - you drank, so don't drive yourself."

"Oh..." Gong Xu looked at the man next to Ye Wanwan, distracted.

Who is that guy?

He didn't know what was going on with him - that guy was just a stranger, yet he felt repulsed and guarded against him...

He felt very threatening...

Tang Xing Huo, who had been trying to make his presence undetected, couldn't hold back and said, "Who is this guy, eh? He has such a strong aura around him..."

After Ye Wanwan bid farewell to Han Xian Yu and the others, she walked in the direction of the car together with Si Ye Han.

The night was quite chilly which caused Ye Wanwan to sneeze violently on the way to the car.

Next to her, Si Ye Han frowned and stopped in his tracks.

He removed the big black coat he was wearing and placed it gently around Ye Wanwan's shoulders.

Having the warm coat wrapped around her body, Ye Wanwan immediately felt much better.

Ye Wanwan was stunned then exclaimed anxiously, "Eh? You don't have to give it to me! What if you catch a cold?"

It would be a big deal if Si Ye Han caught a cold and also, she was disguised as a man right now!

When Si Ye Han saw that Ye Wanwan wanted to return the coat to him, he suddenly grabbed hold of her hand.

Feeling her ice-cold fingers, Si Ye Han knitted his brows further and directly placed her little palm on his warm chest...

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