Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 685: You have a lot of guts

Chapter 685: You have a lot of guts

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When encountered with this sort of situation, who would dare to make reckless remarks? They could only listen obediently to the company's directions.

But Gong Xu went on Weibo and did all sorts of damage. He also retorted back aggressively and was talented at attracting more hatred.

Every time Gong Xu caused an accident, the entire PR department's mood turned so heavy as if their parents had passed away.

Of course, Yang Jin Yuan knew the source of their woes, but nothing could be done with Gong Xu. All he could do was slap the table and scold his subordinates. "What I want right now isn't excuses or reasons but solutions!"

The director of PR stuttered. "Right now... the only way we can reduce the impact is to have Gong Xu step out and apologize then wait for things to slowly subside..."

Gong Xu raised his brows, placed his feet down and stood up slowly. He made his way towards the director of PR. "Ai yo, director Fang, you have a lot of guts huh? What did you just say? You want young master to do what? Say it again, hm?"

The PR director cried out immediately, "Ye Ye Ye... director Ye..."


Ye Wanwan warned Gong Xu with a stern glance.

Gong Xu scoffed before returning to his seat reluctantly.

Only then did the PR director heave a sigh of relief and wipe off his cold sweat. This job is really too challenging...

Yang Jin Yuan looked towards Ye Wanwan who hadn't yet spoken a word. "Director Ye, you're Gong Xu's manager. What do you think?"

Ye Wanwan looked indifferent and replied, "I've already told Mr. Yang what I think about this incident - Gong Xu is not in the wrong."

Gong Xu's mood had been extremely irritable lately, but when he heard this, his anger immediately subsided.

Indeed, Ye-ge was the only wise man in the entire company - the others were just a bunch of fools!

Considering Ye Wanwan's attitude, Yang Jin Yuan frowned and didn't seem too happy about it.

However, he could understand where Ye Wanwan was coming from.

With Gong Xu's temperament, Ye Bai could only let him be.

Yang Jin Yuan seemed to have thought of something. He turned to Gong Xu gravely and said, "Gong Xu, the impact from this incident is too severe that even the Ministry of Culture has been alerted. They have already called the headquarters and chairman Chu has already said that the company must be held accountable for this. If you insist on being uncooperative, the company has no choice but to make a decision."

Gong Xu narrowed his eyes. "Are you threatening me?"

Yang Jin Yuan said coldly, "Gong Xu, this isn't a threat but a fact. In three days' time, the company will hold a press conference and if you don't appear and apologize, I'm sorry but the company can only put a halt on all your activities."

Gong Xu's eyes flickered slightly when he heard that. Yang Jin Yuan's attitude towards me doesn't seem right.

Who gave him the courage to speak to me this way all of a sudden?

He even threatened to kick me out...

Unless something went wrong "backstage"...

Gong Xu was deep in thought. All of a sudden, his phone started ringing. It was a call from home.

The moment he saw the caller ID, a bad feeling surfaced.

"Hello, what is it?"

"Little bastard, get home right away!" On the other end of the receiver was his father trying to contain his anger. He hung up immediately after speaking.

Gong Xu muttered a curse under his breath. The old man had really interfered...

An ear-piercing noise resounded as Gong Xu dragged his chair and stood up. "Whatever, do what you want!"

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