Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 671: Little dimple your father

Chapter 671: Little dimple your father

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What exactly am I to Ye-ge?

Does he think of me as his own artist?

Or is Ye-ge just doing it for show and he's treating me like a playboy... Is that why he never spends any time or money on me?

Hell, what is he even thinking?!

Gong Xu entered showbiz only for fun and didn't really intend to work in this field forever. He also got close to Ye Bai only for the sake of having a chance with Little Candied Plum...

That's right, I did it for Little Candied Plum!

Gong Xu stopped his mind from running wild and tried his best to convince himself.

However, why have I been thinking about such ridiculous things every day instead of my little Candied Plum? I don't even remember how long it's been since I thought about her.

In the private room, everyone was singing their hearts out.

A female artist walked over to Ye Bai eagerly and insisted on singing a duet called Little Dimple with him.

Irritated, Gong Xu filled a wine glass to the brim and downed it. "Little Dimple? Little Dimple your father!"

Tang Xing Huo gave him a strange look. "She just wants to sing Little Dimple with Ye Bai - why are you mad?"

Gong Xu: "Mind your own business!"

Tang Xing Huo: "..."

Gong Xu's mood was erratic and he seemed to be annoyed at everyone.

Ye Wanwan's principle was to keep a certain distance from all the artists. Since she was disguised as a man, she wanted to try her best to avoid arousing suspicion, especially with female artists, so she turned the female artist down gracefully.

However, at this moment, the atmosphere was lively and nobody was willing to let Ye Wanwan off. They started cheering, "Ye-ge, just sing one song! Just one will do! What song do you like? You can sing any other songs too!"

Ye Wanwan couldn't change their minds, so she simply picked a song then called out to Luo Chen, who hadn't spoken the entire night: "Luo Chen, I remember you like this song too. How about we sing it together, huh?"

This kid is way too introverted - he's so quiet even at our own company's gathering.

Luo Chen's eyes glistened slightly and he felt somewhat flattered - he didn't expect Ye Wanwan would remember, so he nodded and went over.

The two of them picked up the microphones. Ye Wanwan was the first to sing. "Boil a bowl of soup to remove heat from the blood, bitterness enters the hero's bones, the flashes, and shadows of swords, drifting along the world of the living..."

Luo Chen quickly followed: "Truth, no pressing no stopping no turning around, enemies meet on a narrow path, there's no return trip, no one asking who's waiting..."

Ye Wanwan: "When I tear apart this universe of morning and twilight, a ray of light rotates around the smoke and dust, I'll drink the most intense wine, fall in love with the most beautiful person and watch the tall waves of the vast ocean..."

The youth's low voice was clear and melodious. He leaned against the sofa comfortably with a languid posture, and the gleam in his eyes sparkled like dazzling stars in the galaxy.

They were in a private room at a bar, yet it felt as if they were transported to a bamboo forest.

Luo Chen was stunned for a while and missed a beat before resuming: "One said the most fearless people come from the country, bribing me with wine, overturning mountains and rivers. The heavens split and earth sinks, and I'll support this universe with my entire life..."

Everybody in the room applauded when they were done singing.

"Awesome, awesome!"

"A gold medal duo, indeed! They're so in sync!"


Gong Xu staggered onto the platform and declared, "Get lost! I want to pick a song!"

He wanted to dedicate a song to his Little Candied Plum!

Everyone quickly made way for him. "Oh oh, Xu-ge, go ahead and choose!"

Gong Xu picked a song then he sat on a high stool and sang in a drunken manner...

"I want you by my side, I want to see you dressing up, this blowing night wind tickles my heart, my lady..."

"Time is too long, my lady, where are you? It will be dawn soon..."

"This night is to blame, it stimulates one's craziness. I want to sing and think of you, my lady..."

Listening to this, every single person in the room looked at each other, confused.

"What's with Gong Xu? This isn't his style! Is he heartbroken?"

"Heartbroken? Are you kidding me! How could Gong Xu be heartbroken?"

"Uh, that's true..."


After Gong Xu was done, he held up the microphone and staggered over to Ye Wanwan. He then said seriously, "Ye-ge, sing with me! Let's sing Little Dimple!"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Tang Xing Huo stared at Gong Xu's face and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. His sharp senses told him there was something wrong with this fella...

Something wrong... with the way he looked at Ye Bai...

Tang Xing Huo rolled his eyes and said, "Ay ay, where's the fun in singing? C'mon, let's play some games! How about Truth or Dare?"

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