Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 672: You might be gay, y'know that?

Chapter 672: You might be gay, y'know that?

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Tang Xing Huo's suggestion received approval from everyone and they quickly gathered around.

"I'm not playing! I want to sing!" Gong Xu insisted on singing "Little Dimple" with Ye Wanwan.

Tang Xing Huo was speechless. When that girl wanted to sing with Ye Bai just now, this guy cursed the song and said, "Little Dimple your father," but now he wants to sing it...

"Ye-ge! Sing together with me! I want to sing Little Dimple!"

Ye Wanwan: "I don't know how."

Gong Xu suddenly looked as if he was suffering an injustice. "Liar! You sang with this dork and not me!"

Ye Wanwan looked disapprovingly at Gong Xu's drunken state and snatched the glass of wine from his hand. She pulled out a piece of candy to help him sober up and stuffed it into his mouth.

Gong Xu: "Uh... what..."

Ye Wanwan: "A sober up candy."

"Yummy." Gong Xu's eyes glistened. His complaining immediately stopped and he turned to Tang Xing Huo. "Tang Xing Huo, what game did you mention just now?! Let's play, let's play!"

Tang Xing Huo looked strangely at Gong Xu who was completely pacified by a piece of candy: "..."

Bro, you might be gay... y'know that?

Immediately after, everyone started playing Truth or Dare.

Tang Xing Huo was an expert and was the first to pick the king, so he randomly chose Gong Xu.

"Ah haha~ Gong Xu, Truth or Dare!" Tang Xing Huo waved the card in his hand excitedly.

Gong Xu was in a good mood as he ate the candy. "Truth!"

Tang Xing Huo's eyes shifted slightly. He rubbed his chin and said slowly, "Gong Xu, let me ask you a very serious question. You must answer me seriously! And it has to be the truth!"

"What's the question?" Gong Xu grew impatient as Tang Xing Huo tried to create suspense. There's no game I can't afford to play.

Tang Xing Huo stared at him for a while before asking softly, "Do you like... men?"

Hearing this question, everyone jeered.

"Eh... Tang Xing Huo, what kind of question is this?"

"You're actually doubtful of Gong Xu's sexual orientation?"


Gong Xu's face was as black as the underside of a pot. "Tang Xing Huo, are you an idiot?"

Tang Xing Huo persevered and continued probing, "You haven't answered my question eh!"

Gong Xu glared at him. "What nonsense! Young master here likes beauties with long legs and delicate skin, understand? Tang Xing Huo, do you have a crush on me, huh?"

Tang Xing Huo: *cough...* "You're overthinking!"

To avoid making it look too obvious, Tang Xing Huo purposely waited until everyone played a few rounds before he finally found the right chance to pick Ye Wanwan.

Tang Xing Huo stared at Ye Bai's stunning face that could attract both men and women. This face of Ye Bai's is really dangerous...

Before Tang Xing Huo could speak, Ye Wanwan made her choice: "Truth."

Although choosing "truth" was also pretty risky to her, "dare" would be worse - this group of people could get very wild and go to the extreme when it came to games.

It was exactly what Tang Xing Huo wanted Ye Wanwan to choose!

Thus, he rubbed his hands together and asked, "Eh, just perfect. Ye-ge, I really want to ask you this question!"

"What is it?" Ye Wanwan responded casually.

Tang Xing Huo glanced at Gong Xu first and rubbed his chin before he asked unhurriedly, "There are so many good-looking men here today. If you have to pick a gay partner... who would you choose?"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Seriously, what kind of question is this?

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