Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 670: Bring me wherever he goes

Chapter 670: Bring me wherever he goes

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The most annoying thing is that Han Xian Yu likes to joke about asking Ye-ge to be his manager.

Luo Chen is still alright, but Han Xian Yu... I really can't compare to him!

He knew clearly how much Ye-ge admired Han Xian Yu!

That guy was simply well-rounded and had an outrageously great reputation.

If Ye-ge really is snatched away by Han Xian Yu, what would happen to me then?!

"Pst psssst——" While Ye Wanwan went out to fetch Han Xian Yu, Gong Xu made weird noises towards Luo Chen. "Blockhead, come here!"

Luo Chen shot a suspicious look over.

Gong Xu pulled him and whispered in his ear, "Han Xian Yu is so attentive towards Ye-ge. Do you think he wants to poach him?"

Luo Chen furrowed his brows. "They're just friends."

"Why are you so naive?! Someday, when Ye-ge abandons you, I'll see what you're going to do!" Gong Xu tried pulling him in as an ally.

An enemy's enemy is your friend, right?

Luo Chen's face turned stern. "Ye-ge wouldn't do that."

Gong Xu: "Who are you to think he won't? Do you think you can compete with Han Xian Yu?"

Luo Chen: "Ye-ge promised me before - as long as I'm willing to follow him, he'll bring me wherever he goes."

Gong Xu was stunned. It was as if there was a sudden thunderbolt on a clear day.

Ye-ge actually made such a promise to Luo Chen!

"Ah. Haha, Gong Xu. Congratulations, you're famous again!" Gong Xu was still in shock as Tang Xing Huo laughed and sat his butt down on the seat next to Gong Xu.

After Wan Shanshan posted that video on Weibo, there was no need to even try to popularize the post or get the Internet Water Army [1] involved.

The moment she posted it, the number of shares and comments continually increased. Ling Shao Zhe's fans were the first to arrive at the battlefield coupled with a few passersby who couldn't stand the sight of the perceived abuse. The harsh words immediately converged into a vast ocean...

The battlefield of scolding Gong Xu was always so massive; it was practically one of the spectacular wonders of the entertainment industry.

When it came to people who were universally hated, he was the only one in the entertainment industry who was!

Wan Shanshan: [Initially, I wanted to keep the peace, but some people are simply intolerable bullies!] [Video]

There were countless scoldings under the Weibo post.

[Damn! This is infuriating! Why does an idiot like him exist?!]

[Brainless prank! Why is someone who uses money to crush people still able to appear in front of the public? The society is corrupted because of such people!]

[Apologize! Apologize to Ling Shao Zhe!]

[Good job, Shanshan. You should expose such people! Don't worry, we're all on your side!]

[Gong Xu, take your brainless fans and get out of the entertainment industry!]

[Are you joking? This fool, Gong Xu, has fans? Isn't he famous only because of the trouble he gets into?]

Seeing the earth-shattering condemnation and curses online, Tang Xing Huo clicked his tongue. "Tsk tsk, you're a true main tanker! Hatred for you is off the charts! Every time the public scolds you, they make a concerted effort to attack you in sync, yeah?"

The others in the private room had also seen the Weibo video Wan Shanshan posted and were talking about it. Everyone knew Gong Xu didn't care about such things, so they just mocked him casually.

"Xu-ge, you're amazing! Each time there's something posted about you, it's always ranked number one on the popularity board!"

"Is Wan Shanshan crazy or something? It's between Gong Xu and Ling Shao Zhe, so why is she meddling?"

"It must be to curry favor, eh? Gong Xu, don't bother with someone like her!"


Gong Xu sneered. Who is she anyway? Why should I care?!

However, Gong Xu was still a little worried and he glanced in Ye Wanwan's direction. Seeing that she was still speaking to Han Xian Yu normally and didn't seem mad at all, he was relieved.

But at the same time, there was a sense of loss he had never felt before.

If it was Luo Chen who was receiving comments like that, Ye-ge would've already done some PR long ago, but now that it was his turn to be condemned... Ye-ge didn't seem to have the slightest reaction at all...

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